Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

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Most single guys will readily admit that they could do with, and actually need, a few tips on how to get a girlfriend. Very few men among us have that part of our lives sorted. In fact if the truth be known we need all the tips on how to get a girlfriend we can get!

Here is a collection of really effective tips on how to get a girlfriend that will get you moving towards your goal quickly:

  • Socialize and network. Okay so what does this mean? Its about getting involved in life. Being where the people are. You don’t necessarily have to be a social butterfly or make the social pages, but you do need to make an effort. I could be as simple as having a coffee at the corner cafe, or take the dog for a walk down at the park. Just make sure you do something different.
  • Skill up and start reading and researching. Make no mistake about it,  unless you are the local lover boy you need to brush up on your skills on how to get a girlfriend. The best advice is to buy a a dating book or program or at the very least sign up for a free bi weekly newsletter like the one in Your Mandate To Love, and start becoming aware of the information that is out there to help you learn how to get a girlfriend.

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  • Join a gym or fitness class. Lots of women frequent fitness classes and gyms. Another great place is in Yoga or Pilates classes. These are often predominantly female classes.
  • Hone your skills by starting to flirt with some of the women at work or the girls at the local store. This is actually a great and a safe way to develop your confidence and your skills. Forget about looks or attraction do it with all women. They’ll love you for it.
  • Get some feedback on your appearance and style. Now this doesn’t mean selling yourself out or somehow changing who it is you are. This is about you being open to the fact that you might need a makeover. Many guys do. Particularly if you have been single for sometime and out of the game. So grab a girl friend and go shopping.
  • Get online and create a dating profile. Do your research first. In fact if you read my articles on Your Mandate To Love it will give you some great ideas to get started.
  • Try speed dating. This is a real fun night out with absolutely no pressure attached. Not to mention that you will probably get quite a few tips on how to get a girlfriend on the night – whether you ask for them or not!
  • Work on your body language with women and in your life generally. If you are prone to slouching work on your posture. If you are a little shy and don’t always use eye contact – practice it!  Its little things like this can can make a big difference.
  • Find out what a ‘nice guy’ is and strive not to be one! Okay thats a bit tongue in cheek. But here is the deal – women will either classify you as potential partner material or a ‘nice guy’ who could be a friend. This is where you need to get some good information and ensure you don’t end up being one of these guys.
  • Don’t appear desperate or needy with women. They will pick this up a mile away and you will not stand a chance with them. They are looking for a man not a mouse.
  • Be yourself. This means first and foremost not to be someone else or something you are not. Its about being authentic. If you are struggling with confidence or overcoming shyness then remember that sometimes less is actually more. You exhibit strength if you convey the message to women that you like or at least are comfortable with what and who you are. Remember too that if you are working on yourself and the methods on how to get a girlfriend, this will be evident on some level to both them and you.
  • And a really obvious one is work on your sense of humor and having fun. If this is a challenge for you grab a few funny movies, start sending a few email jokes back and forth. Just get into that mindset and that will also hold you in good stead in your quest in how to get a girlfriend.

Learning new ways of trying to get a girlfriend are often not that difficult to start introducing into your life. Just be patient. Be kind to yourself in the process. And remember that you are learning and growing as a person as well as a prospective partner for that someone special.

The key point is to learn and acquire new skills and to be open to learning new tips on how to get a girlfriend in your life.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author


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