The Vibe System Review

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Reviewer: Liam Virinovi


Renowned New York dating adviser and boot camp dating coach Bill Preston has developed a unique and easily accessible dating program called the Vibe System. This was created after a number of years of trial and error and personal testing of all the techniques within this dating guide by the author himself. This Vibe System review will look at the what this program has to offer and provide you with an over view of what you can expect if you decide to purchase it.

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The Vibe System is a 5 module video system. The modules are:

  1. Warming up, approaching conversation and the next steps.
  2. Bad boy flirting and sexual tension.
  3. Infusing magic into your game.
  4. How to get your woman from the bar to the bedroom.
  5. Rapport done right with women.

The Vibe System also comes complete with 4 additional bonuses:

  1. How To Manage Your Wildly Successful Dating Life – Scot McKay.
  2. Killer First Dates – Carlos Xuma.
  3. How To Be A Romantic Hero – (Volumes 1-3) – David Van Arrick
  4. The Art Of Speaking Womanese – Sinn.

A few facts about the course:

It can be completed within a few days. It can be conveniently downloaded to either ipod or iphone. It is also very user friendly and easy to follow. Bill Preston has also added cheat sheets in the course to save you from taking notes, however I personally think taking your own notes is the way to go here.

Bill Preston also states that to use the Vibe System you do not have to change your personality, or be a fake, orĀ  try to become someone who you are not. A point also worth making here is that although a lot of these techniques are clearly to pick up women, the author makes it clear that he respects women and that the information here can enhance your existing relationship.

The Vibe System includes the following content:

  • Learn how to automatically flip her attraction switch.
  • Learn how fear is keeping you from approaching attractive women and what to do about it.
  • Learn about the secret ‘pre-approach’ method without even saying a word.
  • Find the secret to overcome approach anxiety.
  • Learn about the secret cold reading technique.
  • Discover fun conversational techniques and games.
  • Find out the main reason why men fail with women.
  • Find the ‘sweet spot’ to create intoxicating attraction with women.
  • Step by step techniques to get her back to your place.
  • Learn the secret technique that will enable you to stop paying for her drinks. And get this, she will love you for it!
  • The exact things to say when approaching a woman.
  • Find out about the Roadmap that will almost guarantee an amazing first date.
  • How to correctly use venue changes to generate attraction.
  • advanced body language techniques.
  • Learn the secret touch technique – learn how to touch women in ways that magically generate attraction…without being weird or creepy in the process!
  • Find out the easiest way to get her phone number.
  • Learn how to fearlessly approach a group of attractive women and confidently start a conversation.

And obviously, there is much more content and advice than that.

Bill Preston does make the valid point too that by acquiring these skills you get to get the woman you really want. So again, this isn’t just for pick up artists, but those men who truly want to find the right one for them. The author states that that is exactly what he has done.

So what about any shortcomings or things about the program that could be better? As some of you may be already aware, I have little time for bold claims that are ridiculous. Bill preston states, and I quote;

“Within 4 hours of watching this program you will easily have command of the skills and techniques to effortlessly attract 94% of all the women you meet…” I don’t think so!

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And lets face it, most dating programs and seduction systems make similar unrealistic claims. So that should not be a concern for those seeking truly valuable information and valuable content to help them with their dating skills.

In conclusion, Bill Prestons The Vibe System is a good program and suitable particularly for those who are much better listeners than readers, as the video/audio program delivery is user friendly and effective. The added bonuses also make this an incredibly good value package.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

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