The Dating Black Book Review

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Reviewer: Liam Virinovi


The question to ask yourself before purchasing any book or information product in the dating field, is will this information help me to understand the dating game better, and will it equip me with the additional skills and understandings to be a better and more confident man and potential partner? The answer in regards to The Dating Black Book is a categorical ‘yes it does’.

Carlos Xuma is not new to the dating industry. In fact he has been around for considerably longer than a lot of his peers. So in terms of incumbency and time developing his craft, he gets the thumbs up on that front. Experience does count.

The Dating Black Book is first and foremost a very easy read. In fact the conversational nature of the book means its not only a pleasant reading experience, but an informative one as well. But its much more than that of course.

The Dating Black Book has a certain integrity about it that some other dating books just don’t have. In fact I find a few books in this genre to be quite tacky and even sleazy. This book focuses on the whole you and as such makes the connection, whether intentional or otherwise, that the dating game is about YOU and how you are projecting and presenting yourself. The book takes on a holistic approach to dating in other words.

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Its this ‘inner game’ that I particularly like with The Dating Black Book because from my perspective, if you are looking outwards you are looking in the wrong direction! Carlos Xuma makes it clear that you need to develop your inner and external game. So there is a big picture focus here.

The Dating Black Book discusses the fundamentals of dating and does focus on developing the confidence to approach women. An interesting part of this book is the fact that although strategy and techniques are important, he is also concerned in communicating without the need to refer to the techniques involved after the initial approach to women. In other words theres a certain ethic involved in the communication process in needing it to be natural and sincere.

Carlos Xuma emphasizes confidence and what he calls the alpha man operating system. There is also an emphasis on making those important connections (as mentioned earlier) about giving to the other person and moving beyond the scarcity mindset that many men have with women.

Like any book, there are some things that perhaps could have been done a little better. Carlos Xuma may be seen by some as being a little aloof and too concerned at times with eliciting the right responses from women.

Personally this is not an issue for me as I am looking for information that I can use and apply in my own life. Fortunately The Dating Black Book has enough great advice and content to overlook any shortcomings in this regard.

Additionally, a bonus here is that Carlos Xuma has a fantastic newsletter series that is full of free information and advice – so its particularly good value on top of the book.

The Dating Black Book is over 200 pages of pragmatic and thoughtful advice that will give you a really good foundation to work from as it focuses where a lot of dating books rarely focus – and thats on you!

A highly recommended and informative read.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

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