The Art Of Approaching Book Review

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Reviewer: Liam Virinovi


Products that stand the test of time are usually worth a closer look. Around 10 years ago Author Joseph Matthews released his acclaimed book and original edition of ‘The Art Of Approaching’ and its become one of the handful of truly great reference books and dating guides on the market today.

Joseph Matthews (aka Thundercat) tells the story (and there are many entertaining stories in this book as he is a gifted and natural storyteller) of how he basically went from ‘zero to hero’ in relation to his relationships and success with dating women.

He was the typical low self esteem and overweight guy with no dating skills or real idea about how to approach women. He states that his story is one of a lot of trial and error and experience along the way to developing this system.

Joseph states that 10% of the males enjoy 90% of the success, and that the skills the 10% have can be acquired by anyone who is prepared to learn them.

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The Art Of Approaching was written by Joseph Matthews when he was in his mid twenties, so many of his stories do relate to his experiences when he was back in college. He also mentions a number of characters throughout the book that add further color and meaning to his dating message. These are his friends and peers – the key characters being ‘Style’, ‘Mystery’ and ‘Zan’.

The Art Of Approaching is now into its 3rd edition and now has over 340 pages of information and dating guidance. Its got bigger and better over the years. This book is invaluable for those who are looking to not only improve their dating skills, but to get a unique angle on an often overlooked aspect of the dating process – ‘the approach’. So the key here is not just learning the ‘what’ of the art of approaching women, but also the ‘how’ component.

Fortunately Joseph Matthews over delivers on this key criteria. There are multiples of advice and techniques on how to approach women.

The Art Of Approaching Book is divided into 10 sections as follows:

  • The art of relationship skills.
  • The art of belief.
  • The art of body language.
  • The art of confidence.
  • The art of approaching.
  • The art of dating.
  • The art of flirting.
  • The art of storytelling.
  • The art of being social.
  • The art of seduction.

The theme of the book as mentioned earlier is the art of approaching women. There are numerous personal accounts that make this a highly entertaining and an easy read.  The book doesn’t overlook instructional content in the process. Its a very good blend of both approaches.

The Art Of Approaching Book also gives an historical account of the circumstances and the structures that continue to have an impact on dating in todays world.  So there is a philosophical component to the book as evidenced by the discussion on religious impacts for example on modern women.

Here is just some of the content you can expect to find in this book:

  1. Learn the 5 bad habits to avoid to ensure you maintain your confidence.
  2. Discover the opening line ideas and approaches that cover just about every possible situation you might find yourself in.
  3. Find out about the 5 states of mind that you will require and ‘how’ you can achieve them.
  4. Learn how to build a strong social circle.
  5. Get the heads up on the often given “I’ve got a boyfriend” line and how to decipher it.
  6. Learn to identify the cues if she likes you.
  7. How To make yourself more attractive to women
  8. Discover that attraction is a skill and learn how to do it.
  9. Getting rid of the negative mantras in your approach.
  10. Learn the 11 guidelines to flirting and the power of innuendo.
  11. Discover the secret techniques of story telling.
  12. Secret of eye contact
  13. Powerful body language tips and discover the standing postures that work.
  14. Get the real truth on those myths and beliefs about women.
  15. Learn that looks, body type and money don’t keep you out of the game.

It would be remiss of me not to give a full and objective review of the Art Of Approaching Book without stating some of the shortcomings in it. At 340 pages its a lot of information and a long read. However thats what 10 years and 3 editions do. Value has been added over time.

It could also be said that the book reads more like a novel or one big story. This is a fair comment. However its such an entertaining read that the instruction and the techniques are often blended into the stories themselves making for a powerful personal transformation exercise in amongst a good read.

In conclusion, The Art Of Approaching Book is a worthy edition to your dating resource portfolio. In fact, its key selling point is the focus on ‘the approach’ – this point alone is a strong factor in securing a copy for yourself.

Highly recommended.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

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