Online Dating Websites – Advice On Why Where And How

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Your Mandate To Love is focused on getting you proactive and motivated in trying different approaches to meeting and attracting women into your life. Many of you already would be aware of, and are participating in online dating – at least I hope so! There are dozens of online dating websites, and they are all different.  Some are much better than others.

This article on online dating websites will focus on the where, the how and the why of online dating and offer some advice along the way.

Lets look at some key points on why you should join online dating websites:

  • The market is expanding and its now a given that online dating is an acceptable way to meet other people.
  • Its cost effective. In fact its often much cheaper per date than a few drinks at the local or a dinner for two.
  • Its convenient. You can log in anywhere and check your potential contacts 24/7.

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  • Many women feel safer online.
  • Its a great way to edit your specifications and seek the ideal partner or person you are looking for.
  • Your profile is always visible and working around the clock.

Lets look at some key points on where you can join online dating websites:

  • Google is always a good place to start. A rule of thumb is to search for the top internet or online dating sites.
  • Once you have found a few, take a look around the sites, then reduce the number to say your top 2 or 3.
  • Once you do that go back to Google and search for the reviews on those dating sites. Often they can be good indicators to sentiment and performance of the site.
  • I’d recommend settling for 1 site initially (Click Here For My Number 1 Recommendation For Meeting Quality Women Through Online Dating Websites) and getting comfortable with the process if it is new to you.

Lets look at some key points on how you should approach online dating websites:

  • Take some time to read the profiles and get a feel for what people are looking for.
  • Also go to the home page – usually the better sites have a guide about how to create a good online dating profile.
  • Once you have got a good idea about how to create your profile make sure you get a good recent photo of yourself and make sure its a happy one.
  • You will generally need to purchase credits, stamps or a paid membership to contact the women on the online dating website.
  • Make sure you READ the womens profiles to ensure you are within their demographic and what they are asking for before emailing them.
  • Again, make sure you read the profile. One of the biggest complaints i’ve heard from women is the fact that many men do not read their profiles or have respected what they have asked for in their profiles.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are 100% correct. Its another critical factor in gaining a womens interest and shows you are not only smart enough to string a sentence together, but you have taken the time to make sure its right.
  • Keep your email communications relatively short.
  • Do not disclose personal information about yourself.
  • State clearly that you are online with the intention of securing a date in the real world – some women will try to get to know you online first. Do not do this if possible. They will often be screening you and testing you before the chance of a real date. Be direct. Be polite. And state that if she would like to meet you for a coffee or drink you would love to meet her. Resist all temptation and persuasion to continue online communication.
  • A line I have used (I am thankfully not single anymore) online dating is that I see the online dating process as a means to an end – not an end in itself. It is merely an opportunity to quickly make contact online then meet in the real world.

A closing piece of advice when using online dating websites is to remember that when you communicate online with someone you do not get to know that person – you merely only get to believe that person and who they say they are.

Approach online dating websites with optimism and with an opportunistic mindset as they are fantastic places to meet people. Just be sure to remind yourself that a person does not in fact exist until you physically meet them.

Keep that in mind and your experiences with online dating websites should be meaningful and worthwhile.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author


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