How To Please Your Woman

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How to please your woman should be one of the most important considerations for you as a man. Now the title of this article assumes you may already have a woman, but you certainly do not need to have a woman to understand the importance in learning how to please your woman when you find her. Make sure you have the skills and the information to do this when she comes into your life.

First up lets dispel a few myths and look at the complexities that come with learning how to please your woman. Lets start with the obvious one – just how do you please your woman?

How to please your woman with strength and leadership:

Quite ironically you don’t go out of your way to please her funnily enough. You see women generally speaking, enjoy a challenge and having someone cater to their every need or want is more akin to that of a waiter if you like than a real man in her eyes. She will test you to see if you have what it takes to look after her and protect her – she doesn’t want, nor will she respect or be attracted to a man she can boss around.

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So you need to have a good sense of yourself and your own worth in these instances. This will demonstrate your power and your strength to her. It will show her you are your own man, that you are decisive and that you are able to care for her. She is looking for leadership. And as a man you have a responsibility in a relationship to lead.

How to please your woman by listening to her:

Now this is much more complex than it would appear. You see listening is most definitely a highly developed skill – and a much misunderstood skill. Hugh McKay in his insightful book ‘Why Don’t People Listen’ states that; “Listening is not in fact hearing. Hearing is a physical process and a passive one at that. It merely demonstrates that our ears are working. However when we listen we are active, alert and focused.”

So apply the above in how to please your woman. Make sure she feels that you are listening to her – not just using your ears.  She wants recognition of her state and recognition of the intensity of her message. Respond with appropriate passion and the right note of concern.

Men need to understand, or at least be aware that they do not understand, the indirect nature in which women communicate. When in doubt use reflective listening, this at the very least will assure her that you take her seriously.

How to please your woman physically:

This is where you need to make connections. Your woman isn’t a one dimensional person able to switch on and off to each situation as it arises. In other words she needs to feel good to really enjoy the physical or sexual side of her relationship. So as a man you need to understand the importance of the previous step in listening – if she feels listened to and respected, she will be much more willing and open in the bedroom.

Remember these key components in how to please your woman;

  1. Demonstrate strength and leadership and be prepared to be tested.
  2. Listen to your woman – that is really listen to her. Be her rock.
  3. The physical is intrinsically connected to the emotional. Get this right and you will give yourself and her every opportunity to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

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