Finding A Dating Coach And Quality Relationships Advice Click Here To Start The Journey Towards Finding A Quality Partner! There is a lot of mens dating and relationships information available on the internet. A lot of it is average at best and some of it absolutely useless in regards to you using it in your own life. Finding a dating coach that […]

Cheating In A Relationship – The Games People Play

Your Mandate To Love is focused on you and the big picture and theme in your life – and your dating and relationship life. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, cheating in a relationship can, and often does, destroy the fabric an

How To Tell Someone You Love Them

How to tell someone you love them can be a challenge for many men – let alone women too for that matter. It takes an incredible amount of courage and confidence to know when to say I love you to that special someone in your life. Lets look at ways

When To Say I Love You

Your Mandate To Love is a relationships focused website for men. The aim and intention here is to provide you with original and thought provoking information to help you develop your knowledge about dating women and importantly – knowing yourself.

How To Love A Woman

Mens dating and relationships information often overlooks some of the most obvious issues and advice to help men further develop, nurture and love their partners. Far too much emphasis is put on getting the girl – but not keeping the girl. Lets loo

Will I Ever Find Love And Happiness?

“Will I ever find love and happiness?” Its a question a lot of men (and women) ponder throughout their single lives. And whilst it isn’t the intention of this article to either give false hope or to be downright pessimistic about your personal chan

How To Attract A Woman Into Your Life

Learning about how to attract a woman into your life is not just about communication and how good you are at conversing with women. Women might be impressed with the way you talk, but are they impressed with the way you walk through life? That is a q

How To Deal With Jealousy And Overcome Jealousy

One of the biggest relationship destroyers is jealousy. At its worst it can ruin even the best of relationships. At its best, and it does have a place at times, it can reinforce commitment and feelings and actually strengthen a relationship. That s

Dealing With Rejection And How To Handle Rejection

The biggest concern for the majority of men when it comes to approaching women is their perception and expectation of dealing with rejection. A lot of men are not even consciously aware that they are setting themselves up for failure. It goes witho

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

How to make long distance relationships work is dependent on any number of factors. Lets make it clear right from the start here, that long distance dating advice is best used as a guide only, as there are so many variables and so many challenges t

Best Places To Meet Women

For all single men of all ages, the big question has always been; “where are the best places to meet women?” It is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in regards to mens dating and relationships information and advice. The fact is t

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys

If there is one thing that can get in the way of dating success its being shy. Often it stops a guy from approaching that special woman he wants to ask out on a date. It means that all too often the opportunities to meet women are not taken. Online

How To Get Girlfriend Back

This is a question that needs considerable thought and strategy and a healthy dose of realism. No matter what you do, or how well you might do it, the chances are that your efforts will be too late. That all said, how to get girlfriend back deserve

Law Of Attraction Relationships

One of the romantic notions about love and relationships is the ideal that we will attract to us our perfect mate. The reality of that prospect and possibility is in fact very real indeed – especially if you understand the concept and the principle

How To Get Her Back Into Your Life

You’ve just received the news and you are still in shock – your girlfriend has told you its finally over. You had an inkling it was going to happen, but nothing ever prepares you for the news. There are no guarantees in life, but you can learn how

How To Be Happy Single

It perhaps seems quite ironic and contradictory to some perhaps, that a website focused on dating and relationships advice for men, should focus on how to be happy single. However, this component of your quest to find and attract the right woman fo

Phone And Text Dating And Relationships

Both phone and text dating and relationships present their own challenges and opportunities for men. Of course phone dating is definitely not a new concept, however it has definitely become more socially acceptable with the advent of the internet a

The Online Dating First Email

Online dating can be a very fickle and unforgiving medium. Many men have ruined their chances with a woman by sending an email that totally turned her off. The online dating first email contact is critical as it might be the only chance you get to

How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back And Get That 2nd Chance?

Your Mandate To Love is focused on helping you find the woman you want in your life.  However, sometimes in life we face situations where we think we have already found that woman only to see the relationship fail.  So how do I get my girlfrien

Online Dating Websites – Advice On Why Where And How

Your Mandate To Love is focused on getting you proactive and motivated in trying different approaches to meeting and attracting women into your life. Many of you already would be aware of, and are participating in online dating – at least I hope

How To Use Visualization To Attract Women

One of the things I continue to learn in life is that there are numerous ways to get what you want in life, and learning how to use visualization to attract women is one of them. Click Here To Get The Powerful Visual

Video Dating Online

Your Mandate To Love is committed to providing you with access to not only the best information available on the dating scene, but also the best technologies and new developments in the dating world. Video dating online is one such approach that

How To Please Your Woman

How to please your woman should be one of the most important considerations for you as a man. Now the title of this article assumes you may already have a woman, but you certainly do not need to have a woman to understand the importance in learn

Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

Most single guys will readily admit that they could do with, and actually need, a few tips on how to get a girlfriend. Very few men among us have that part of our lives sorted. In fact if the truth be known we need all the tips on how to get a gi

Speed Dating Advice For Men

Speed dating is another fun and effective way for men and women of all ages to get together in a no pressure environment to meet each other. Speed dating questions and advice for men is provided in this article to help demystify what speed dating

Online Dating Advice For Men

The internet has become the number 1 choice for many men to meet women. If managed correctly, online dating can provide you with good quality leads and dates with eligible women. This online dating advice for men article will show you the good,

Advice On Books About Dating For Men

Your Mandate To Love provides you with the information and the resources both here, and through the affiliations through this website, to get access to the very best dating advice there is on the internet. However advice on books about dating for

The Right Ways To Attract Women

Your Mandate To Love is focused on providing you with information and guidance on the right ways to attract women. There is often a quick fix all approach with some dating advice gurus or guides that suggest if you follow this or that course of a

Tips To Meet And Attract Asian Women

There is something very appealing to a lot of western men about the femininity and grace of Asian women. Generally speaking, they are often petite, softly spoken and polite, and have a strong sense of family values and cultural tradition. So if y

Law Of Attraction Dating For Men Wanting To Attract A Woman

For those who are not familiar with what the law of attraction is, it basically works on the premise and the understanding that whatever you believe or whatever you are thinking about in life, whether consciously or otherwise, will manifest or co