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Finding A Dating Coach And Quality Relationships Advice

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There is a lot of mens dating and relationships information available on the internet. A lot of it is average at best and some of it absolutely useless in regards to you using it in your own life. Finding a dating coach that understands this is crucial if you are to make meaningful steps forward in your life to grow as a man and as a prospective partner.

Its so important to overlook and ignore the hype and what I call the ‘Hollywood dating mentality’
– that is, the smart pick up lines and the one style fits all approaches to dating.

You see here at Your Mandate To Love I am not focused on helping or enabling you to ‘be cool’ – let alone try to be someone who you are not.

My focus is on you focusing on your strengths as they are right now. You need to acknowledge who it is you are and build on that.

Finding a dating coach is about looking for clues and signs in the information you find that seems practical and down to Earth.

Most guys are average at best with women. Don’t fall for the image that cool and sophisticated approaches are the way to go.

Be the best you that you can be – not the best ‘someone else’.

Your Mandate To Love will encourage you to grow, encourage you to challenge yourself, and encourage you to find the best person for you. This is authentic growth. This is real mens dating and relationships information you can apply to your life – without the hype.

Start your journey with me today.

Liam Virinovi

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Cheating In A Relationship – The Games People Play

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Your Mandate To Love is focused on you and the big picture and theme in your life – and your dating and relationship life. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, cheating in a relationship can, and often does, destroy the fabric and trust in a relationship. The games people play need to be approached – with awareness.

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Cheating in a relationship is not black and white – there are many shades of gray here. The point of this article is to get you thinking about those shades of gray. You see this is a relationships website – I really want you to understand that focus here.

Good relationships are built on solid foundations of trust and an ethical framework. Importantly though, that framework is determined by those people within that relationship. I am not here to say a particular relationship is right or wrong – all individuals and couples have their values and beliefs about how a relationship should be.

Cheating in a relationship is not just about a physical action or intention. Its not just about having an affair or playing the field. Cheating can be many variables and expressions of that.

If your partner is unaware of your behaviors for example, and those behaviors involve deceit or deception on your behalf, then that is a form of cheating in a relationship.

If you are making deliberate moves on a particular woman at work, or wherever, then that is a form of cheating as well – that is, if your partner is not aware of it and doesn’t condone it.

If you are surfing the internet and perusing dating sites then that is obviously a form of cheating in a relationship as well.

Now you might say that it is harmless to do those things. Is it? Would your partner say that? How would she feel about that? What would she do about that?

Cheating in a relationship is symptomatic of other issues and problems – and that is one of the prime motivations of writing this article for you.

This isn’t about judging or in anyway vilifying a person or relationship – this is about getting to the why of the situation. That why usually gets down to a breakdown or a lack of intimacy and communication in a relationship.

Its common. It can happen to any relationship. And if not dealt with or understood, it can end a relationship and/or create conflict and bitter feelings that endure for some couples for a lifetime.

So from the above we can assume that cheating in a relationship and the games people play are not just physical – they are emotional as well.

So how do you manage this? How do you ensure that your relationship, either current or yet to be, will have a much better chance of avoiding or minimizing this sort of behavior?

You make the connection that you are not just cheating on them – you are cheating on, and with, yourself. There are ethics in a relationship and there are ethics in your personal relationship with yourself – your most important relationship.

Now for many that is a lofty standard. but what is the pay off? The pay off is a strong relationship built on trust. Does it mean there won’t be issues? Of course not.

It does mean though that your focus will be within the relationship – not looking outside of the relationship for validation or to get involved in the games people play behind their partners backs.

You see if you cannot deal with the issues in your relationship then it is doomed to either fail – or be a very poor relationship. I don’t see too much of a benefit in that approach. Do you?

So where is all of this leading to? Its leading to you! It starts and it stops with you. This doesn’t mean taking responsibility for your partners stuff. It does mean getting into a dialogue with your partner and communicating your needs and expectations in a way where your focus is on ‘the relationship’ – not a distraction away from the key issues in your life and your relationship.

Remember how I often talk about women being attracted to confidence and strength in a man? Communication and personal integrity are great indicators of that strength. You either step up in your relationship – or you play victim on some level and be passive and reactive.

If you are single heed this message. Your Mandate To Love is about equipping you with the information and knowledge so you can make those necessary connections in your life to ensure you have a great relationship – with yourself and with others.

There are no guarantees. There are no magic bullets. But be sure of this, if you get involved in the games people play, and you start cheating in a relationship, you are selling yourself and your relationship short.

You are also setting yourself up for future failures in either your current relationship or any future ones, because you have not learned how to effectively communicate your needs or have taken responsibility for your relationship.

Cheating in a relationship is a cancer. Its a sign of weakness – on some level. Don’t play victim in this, and don’t become reactive or passive to what you might think or see as a hopeless situation. You need to take action and demonstrate your inner strength, your integrity and your want to experience a better relationship.

To avoid cheating in a relationship your communication is the key. Reach out. State your concerns and your expectations. Be ready to compromise. Be ready to listen. Always seek professional help if this is bigger than what you both can handle.

The key is to take control of the situation and start managing it.

If you are single, attached, just broken up or somewhere inbetween, be mindful that your behavior will determine the quality of your relationships. The games people play can destroy trust and the chance of happiness in a relationship. They are self serving, selfish and based around ego.

Be bigger than that. Once you start getting involved in the games people play and cheating in a relationship, you automatically take the focus off and away from your relationship. In other words you start looking in the wrong direction….and moving away from a/the solution for both of you.

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How To Tell Someone You Love Them

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How to tell someone you love them can be a challenge for many men – let alone women too for that matter. It takes an incredible amount of courage and confidence to know when to say I love you to that special someone in your life. Lets look at ways that you can approach this so you are in the best possible space to say what it is you need to say.

Firstly though, you need to ask yourself a few questions. This does not mean over analyzing your feelings and over thinking the situation. It does mean though that you get clear on what your feelings actually are.

Telling someone you love them is not something to take lightly. Although it is a wonderful statement and a truly powerful and meaningful thing to say, it needs to be said from the heart – not the head.

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What does this mean? It means being authentic with yourself and with that other person. Declarations of love can make – or break a relationship. It can bring two people closer together – and it can tear them apart. So you need to know the difference here.


Lets look at some of those questions you need to ponder so you will know how to tell someone you love them:

  • How long have you known this person?
  • What has inspired or motivated you to want to say I love you to them?
  • Is your relationship a good relationship – or is it a highly volatile or problematic relationship?
  • Is there someone else involved here? In other words are you acting out of desperation or weakness to get the girl, or are you truly in a space and state of mind that is ready to say I love you?
  • What has changed in the relationship – if anything?
  • Does your partner give you what you want and need in the relationship?
  • Does your partner respect you for who you are – and do you respect them for who they are?
  • What do you think will or might change if you tell someone you love them?
  • What are some of the things you would change about the relationship – or your partner if you could?
  • Do you think your partner loves you?
  • Do you love being with your partner?
  • Do you feel under pressure to say I love you?
  • Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level once you know when and how to tell someone you love them?
  • Do your values, beliefs and opinions about life cause problems or issues for you both?
  • Do you get on really well together?
  • Do your friends and family get on well with each other?
  • Are you happy in yourself and your own life?

The list above is there for you to simply get into a space to think about you and your relationship. Many of those questions will not apply to your situation. The key is though that you get comfortable with your feelings – and/or your thinkings.

By your feelings and thinkings I mean knowing the difference between what is going on in your head and what is going on in your heart.

Why is this important? Because you get clear on your motivations here. How to tell someone you love them is by being authentic and speaking it and demonstrating it through and from your heart.

If on the other hand this is a calculated move to counter someone elses interest, or it is motivated by external pressures or expectations from others, then it is not from the heart.

See the difference?

How to tell someone you love them is to mean it. Mean what you say and say what you mean in other words. There is no magical presentation formula to share something as individual and as meaningful as knowing when to say I love you.

The key for you is to get clear on your feelings. You also need to be aware of the other person as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to mind read what they are thinking or feeling of course, its just that you need to be aware that your intentions and motivations are directed at and with another person.

How to tell someone you love them is about your personal approach. Be clear on your feelings. Be clear on your motivations. If you are clear then it means you are living in and with awareness. Take responsibility for your life and your actions first.  Once you do this you will know when to say I love you to that special person in your life.

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When To Say I Love You

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Your Mandate To Love is a relationships focused website for men. The aim and intention here is to provide you with original and thought provoking information to help you develop your knowledge about dating women and importantly – knowing yourself. Learning when to say I love you, will help you get in tune with yourself and your relationship.

Why is this important? Its important because its a major statement in a relationship – and its a game changer. You need to be clear and mindful of not only what you are saying, but why you are saying it.

Knowing when to say I love you can strengthen a relationship and take it to the next level. The key for you is to know when – or if you should say it. This is where you need to think before you act.

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Now of course relationships are not always logical. Nor should they be for that matter, but its fair to say that many a man (and a woman) have ended a relationship by not knowing when to say I love you. By getting clear on just a few key points, you can be much more aware of, and in control of, your feelings and your actions.

Your Mandate To Love is about helping you to live and love – with awareness. Lets look at how you can develop that awareness further by considering the following questions and statements that will help you determine if or when to say I love you:

  • Is my relationship in a healthy state?
  • Am I saying this because I feel it or because its the right thing to say?
  • Do I really love this person?
  • Am I making this statement from a position of strength – or a position of weakness? In other words, am I reacting to a set of circumstances (this might be another man or insecurity) or is it because I really love this woman and I am ready to tell her that?
  • Are my feelings genuine?
  • Is this the right time to say this?
  • Does she want to hear this?
  • Am I ready to go to the next level in this relationship?
  • What is my partner expecting – or will be expecting as a result of this statement?

The above statements and questions are not right or wrong – they are merely presented to you so you start thinking about when to say I love you – of if to say I love you.

This is not presented to get you to over analyze your feelings. On the contrary its presented to you so you get to understand your feelings and your reasons and motivations for them – its about getting in touch with your feelings.

Knowing when to say I love you can be an incredibly powerful realization of your feelings and a truly memorable moment for both of you. By pondering these things you can really get clear on who it is you are, and what, and who you want in life.

By taking the time to get in touch with these feelings and thoughts, you acknowledge to yourself that you are thinking about these things and that you are in control of your emotions – or at the very least, aware of your emotions.

The pay off for you both is that you are truly thinking about developing a relationship further when you learn when to say I love you. When these words are said meaningfully and intentionally they are incredibly powerful and truly representative of a genuine want to be together.

When these words are said and not meant, they can create all sorts of issues and problems for both parties. As a result, the relationship doesn’t really have a sound platform or foundation to build on.

When to say I love you then is something that is truly up to the individual. There is no proven formula for this. However there are guidelines that ensure you are saying the right things at the right time.  Make sure you know the difference.

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How To Love A Woman

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Mens dating and relationships information often overlooks some of the most obvious issues and advice to help men further develop, nurture and love their partners. Far too much emphasis is put on getting the girl – but not keeping the girl. Lets look at some ways you can learn how to love a woman, so you can not only find the right woman for you, but you can make sure she wants to stick around as well.

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This is an area where you as a man need to make those necessary connections in your own life that I frequently refer to. So much of mens dating information is all about the chase and the ego. Now thats okay of course as that is part of the process – just remember though that its only part of the process.

The outcome is all about getting the girl. Never forget that the outcome is what it is all about.

You need to learn how to love a woman because its the main game and ensures your future happiness and security in a long term loving relationship. And this article will assume that may be what you are indeed looking for.

There are fundamental things a woman needs to feel loved and to feel needed. If you can understand and apply what is required here you are giving yourself an excellent foundation to work from and giving your relationship a healthy start.

How To Love A Woman And How To Show Her You Care:

  • Listen to her concerns and her dreams and aspirations. Note that I say listen. Do not mistake this for simply hearing her and just nodding away – you need to get involved and connected in the listening and the conversation. This tells her that you value her.
  • Forget game playing. If you start playing games with her you are eroding the trust and respect in your relationship. Remember that these games are all about ego and they are about a failure to properly communicate your needs or concerns on some level. How to love a woman is to respect her – games do not respect her.
  • Make sure you both get involved in sharing similar activities and doing things together. People grow apart. They usually grow apart because somewhere down the line they stopped doing and being with each other – keep connected.
  • Have boundaries. How to love a woman – and have her love you, is by making sure you let her know that you have interests and a life. You in turn need to understand she does too. By respecting each others individuality and need for other interests, you send a strong message of trust and respect. Importantly that trust and respect goes both ways and she will respect you much more for it.
  • Women need security. By engaging in meaningful discussions with her (see listening) about how she sees this is a great way to show her that you are thinking about this too.
  • Never take her for granted.The best advice I can give to anyone – male or female, is to understand and approach your relationship and your partner as a privilege. Because it is a privilege that you are both in each others lives. You need to understand that it is not a right to have each other – remember that what you share is a privilege. Show that respect to the relationship and each other.
  • Don’t forget the little things. If you have listened to her you know what makes her happy and you know what makes her feel connected to, and loved by you. Whether its flowers, chocolates, a cuddle, a kiss on the cheek – or taking the garbage out. Make sure you never lose sight of those little things. These are the foundations of your relationship and show that you care.
  • Trust her and respect her decisions. You create a relationship of equals.
  • Jealousy and insecurity must not be a part of a healthy relationship. Yes, these things do happen – just don’t make them a habit. This will destroy the fabric, the trust and the future of your relationship and it will erode any respect or credibility you have in her eyes. Women like strength in a man remember? There is no strength in a weak man who has lost his mojo.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is about your ethics and credibility and your strength as a man. Make sure you maintain this. Note that this does not mean taking a position and not budging from it. It means following through on what you say you will do and being able to negotiate and compromise (listening) when you have to.

How to love a woman as you can see does require not only an appreciation of what her needs are, but its a clear indication of the strength and maturity you need as a man to ensure your relationship has strong foundations and bonds to work from.

You see, how to love a woman is all about you – not her. Its how prepared you are to listen and to work on yourself. A lot of men don’t get that. These qualities you need to develop take time and effort and a real intention to be a better man and a more self aware person.

Are you now ready to learn how to love a woman? The pay off is not just a good relationship for both of you, but it results in a much better and stronger you as well.

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Most men mindlessly set out to get their woman then leave the outcome to chance. Make sure you are not one of those guys. Invest in yourself. Work on yourself. Be the best you that you can be. You will find that you will also learn how to love yourself – and that then sets you up perfectly for how to love a woman.

Will I Ever Find Love And Happiness?

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“Will I ever find love and happiness?” Its a question a lot of men (and women) ponder throughout their single lives. And whilst it isn’t the intention of this article to either give false hope or to be downright pessimistic about your personal chances, there are any number of initiatives and attitudes you need to adopt to get the odds back in your favor.

If you are single and you have been for sometime, then you need to start getting honest with yourself about your approach to mens dating and relationships. If you don’t, you risk a life alone – and that is not what you want i’m assuming.

To find love and happiness you have to look for it. You have to put yourself ‘out there’ – you need to be proactive and that means taking action. Taking action is about having clear goals and a clear intention to achieve them. Are you taking action?

Unfortunately the question ‘will I ever find love’ is somewhat of a passive and a negative statement. It puts your goals, your aspirations, your hopes and dreams regarding a relationship, and puts them in the bottom drawer. There is no intention in this statement. There is no action in this statement. It actually assumes failure. That is not what you want is it?

Lets look at some initiatives you can undertake to help you get proactive and involved in your love life again – passive men get nowhere when it comes to dating women and finding a relationship. Nice guys really do finish last in this regard.

Will I Ever Find Love And Happiness – The Initiatives:

  • Start moving – Chances are you have unknowingly withdrawn a little from life. This is not about going clubbing 7 days a week or doing the pick up seen in the local bar, its about you getting ‘out there’ and mixing.
  • Create an online dating profile – If you have already and its not working for you then review it, rewrite it and start again. Change things around. For instance, whats your plan or approach with online dating? Do you actually have one? If you don’t have a plan or approach then get one.
  • Video dating online – Chances are you don’t have one of these yet. An extension of online dating except you get to promote yourself with vision and audio. This approach might challenge you, particularly if you are a little quiet or reserved. Start the process with practice. Once you are satisfied you have a good video profile put it up for all to see.
  • Speed dating – This is a fantastic way to meet women in a no pressure situation. There are strict rules and guidelines regarding the process, so make sure you know what they are and get involved.
  • Education – This is critical and is all too often overlooked by many men who think they know it all. If you are single you need to get educated on how not to be! The internet now has loads of really good information (and some not so good) relating to mens dating and relationships information. start reading books, listening to audio programs and start getting back in the game.
  • Community involvement – this is sometimes overlooked as a great dating strategy. By getting involved you take more interest in your neighborhood. As a result, you meet locals. Chances are you will develop more friendships and you will have a far greater chance of meeting other local singles in your community. Lots of single people join community groups.
  • Be ready – This is about taking initiative when the opportunity arises. Yes it can be challenging at times to approach women, but its one of those areas that you need to at least consider. Whether you are shopping, on your way to work, walking along a beach, or sitting in the park, just remember there are other singles just like you looking to connect. Practice can be powerful.  A passing smile is a great place to start. Bold moves start from small moves. Get comfortable with non verbals first – then one day you might pluck up the courage to say “hello”.

Will I Ever Find Love And Happiness – The Attitude:

  • Practice confidence – Just how do you do this? Its about being you and being comfortable being you. You need not try to be someone else. Yes you can improve yourself and make some positive and necessary changes along the way, but love you for you. This is practicing confidence.
  • Body language – Incredibly important. Women admire confidence and strength in a man. How do you walk, talk and act around people generally? Start becoming aware of these things. Remember you are being and becoming you – not trying to be someone else here.
  • Communication – Not everyone is a great communicator. But everyone can improve. If this is an area you need to work on then start it today. Its about education and improving yourself – thats called investment in yourself.
  • Listening – Incredibly important and a deal breaker if not understood. This is an extension of communication and much more important in so many ways. Many men think communication is about ‘talking’ – its really about engaging and ‘listening’. If you are not a big talker, then hone your listening skills and let her know you are genuinely interested in who she is.
  • Getting active – This is about looking after yourself. No all men join the gym or run marathons. What you can do though is find activity that suits you. It might be walking daily, it could be swimming at the local pool. By being active you show women you take an interest in yourself.
  • Be positive – This is about your attitude and mindset. Instead of asking for example; “will I ever find love and happiness?”, you will be saying; I will find love and happiness. Your glass is half full remember – not half empty.

Asking the question; “Will I ever find love and happiness?” should be a big wake up call calling you to action in your life. Its a negative, passive, and reactive question or statement that depends on circumstances outside of yourself to get what you want. Step up, be the best you that you can be – and claim Your Mandate To Love!

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How To Attract A Woman Into Your Life

Learning about how to attract a woman into your life is not just about communication and how good you are at conversing with women. Women might be impressed with the way you talk, but are they impressed with the way you walk through life? That is a question worth pondering and one that this article will help you understand further.

Most women, particularly quality women who value themselves, are not only looking for certain qualities and characteristics in a man and potential long term partner, they are also looking for other things in a man – things that are important to her.

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These include how he lives, where he lives, what he does, what he doesn’t do, how he views life and relationships, what his attitudes are towards family and children for example.

How to attract a woman into your life is to make sure you reflect and demonstrate a lot of the qualities that she is looking for.
This does not mean being something or someone that you are not – it means knowing the kinds of things many women are looking for in a partner and making sure you apply them to your life if they fit with who you are. Often these things improve the quality of your own life regardless of whether a woman is in your life or not.

Lets look at a list of simple things that you can do so you can learn how to attract a woman into your life without going to extremes:

  • Keep a clean and tidy home – most women loathe untidy men. If you are tidy, its a big tick for you. Remember that most women value their home or their ‘nest’. Showing you care for yours means she won’t look at you as a mommies boy who hasn’t grown up yet.
  • Make sure she sees you as a man of purpose and action. Quality women seek quality partners. Make sure that you present yourself in the best possible way to her. Show her that you have a plan, that you are thinking of the future. Remember that women really value security. Although times have certainly changed, women still require that sense of security.
  • Listen to her – I mean really listen. Reflect back to her what she is saying. If she mentions something is important to her make sure you take note of that and show her in some way that you listened. Women often complain about men not listening to them – make sure you are not one of them.
  • Don’t be scared to challenge her or state your boundaries. This need not be a confrontation or an argument, just make sure you are clear on who you are – so she is too. If you are passive and a pushover it hardly sends her a message you are partner material. Show strength in other words.
  • Make sure you have a balanced life. Women look for these things. Remember that the quality women are looking for a partner and a lifestyle. They want to make sure they have chosen the right partner not just for them but for their children and for their extended family. The key here is that she needs to see that you value these things.
  • Be passionate about life – or something. Having passionate interests shows her you are not some lazy unmotivated directionless guy who just goes to work then comes home to lay on the couch. It shows her you are interested in life – this is one of those key things in how to attract a woman into your life.
  • Talk to her, and talk with her. This is an extension on the listening discussed earlier. Take the time to get to know her, and make sure you ask her questions about what she thinks. It tells her you are not only listening, but you think her opinions and her thoughts are worth talking about.
  • Drink in moderation. No good woman likes a drunk. If you are taking her out and you have too many drinks it might show her that you can let your hair down and have a good time – it might just show her that you are not responsible either. Remember that she wants a man – not a boy. If you plan to have a big night out, make sure she knows you have plans about how to handle that. It shows her you care and that you are responsible.
  • Avoid playing games. This is a big one. If you resort to playing games (or even playing or responding to ‘her’ games) you demonstrate weakness and immaturity. Yes she might test you, and yes she might want to get a response out of you, but be sure that if you maintain your strength and dignity by not playing silly games, you will get her respect. She will respect your strength and as a result she will trust you more for it.

How to attract a woman into your life is much more complex than ticking off a ‘to do’ list. What a list like the above can do though is get you thinking about what she might be looking for. This takes you away from just thinking about what your needs are and what you want out of the relationship – to thinking about her as well.

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How To Deal With Jealousy And Overcome Jealousy

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One of the biggest relationship destroyers is jealousy. At its worst it can ruin even the best of relationships. At its best, and it does have a place at times, it can reinforce commitment and feelings and actually strengthen a relationship. That said, jealousy is an emotion and a decision that can demonstrate weakness, selfishness and self doubt. How to deal with jealousy and overcome jealousy is something you need to be aware of.

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There are many different expressions of jealousy. We will look at how to deal with jealousy from others, and how to deal with your own jealousy.

How To Deal With Jealousy From Others:

This is something you need to be aware of as it can greatly inhibit your actions and reactions to and with others. First of all its important for you to understand that you cannot or should not, be responsible for the feelings and emotions of other people. That is there business – or their ‘stuff’ if you like.

You do need though to be aware of your reactions to it. Your reactions are about you. Its important that you do not get dragged into their reality or their perceptions of your life or situation. What does this mean?

It means that if you have a jealous partner or a jealous date for example, that you do not allow their attitude or approach to control you. This is something you need to be strong on from day one. If you allow or encourage these feelings from others you are giving them control over you. Why is it important to do this?

Its important because we teach people how to treat us. We do this by allowing or accepting behaviors or attitudes from others into our lives. If people learn that their behaviors are accepted – or tolerated, they will continue with these behaviors.

The important thing here then is to demonstrate strength, leadership and confidence – particularly with first dates or first impressions. You will either teach them very quickly that you are not susceptible to such games or manipulations – or you will both learn pretty quickly that you are not suited.

How to deal with jealousy from others is to establish boundaries quickly. Do not accept unreasonable acts of jealousy (as opposed to reasonable ones – the definition of that is for you to decide). It is up to them then if they choose to control or overcome jealousy in their life – it is not your issue.

The key then with how to deal with jealousy from others is to not accept unreasonable acts or demonstrations of jealousy. Nip it in the bud quickly and establish your boundaries. You will get more respect for it, and in the dating world respect is a not negotiable in a healthy relationship.


How To Deal With Your Own Jealousy:

This is a completely different dynamic and situation from learning how to deal with jealousy from others. This is all about you. If you are a person who is jealous then you need to take ownership of those feelings – don’t blame others for them.

This can be a tricky topic, as its not always black and white – there are a lot of grey areas. But one thing is certain, and that is that you have the power and the means to control, to reduce, and even to overcome jealousy completely – if you choose to.

What you want to consider is that by expressing your jealousy to a prospective or actual partner, you are demonstrating behavior that will turn a lot of partners away from you.
Jealousy is all about insecurity. What do women inparticular want or require from a man? You guessed it – security! Its important you understand this as a person who is overly jealous or emotional is not attractive, nor are they a good proposition for someone who is looking for a healthy trusting relationship.

And trust is the key to jealousy. You see if you cannot learn how to deal with jealousy in your own life, you are demonstrating a lack of trust in your partner. Now you might say for example that she is doing this, or she is doing that to make you jealous.

Let me share something with you: – people don’t make you jealous. They might try to evoke a jealous response from you to manipulate or encourage you in some way, but they cannot make you jealous – only you can do that. Do you see that connection? Do you see how it isn’t about them? Do you see its all about you?!

There is another component to jealousy, and that is to the fact that those people who are being jealous and pointing the fingers at others for being untrustworthy for example, are actually speaking about themselves! Often its because they themselves are not being honest, and as a result of that are more sensitive to not trusting others! Its a vicious cycle that must be managed and one that you must be accountable for.

You overcome jealousy, and you learn how to deal with jealousy by becoming aware of it, and taking full ownership of it and your issues. You achieve nothing by projecting your fears, insecurities and jealousies onto other people and partners – you merely turn them off and turn them away from you. Is that what you want?

If you are having real issues with overcoming jealousy, then you need to seek professional help. If you do not do something about your fears and insecurities you will never experience happy, loving and supportive relationships – and neither will the partners in your life.

You need to start learning how to trust – and you need to start demonstrating how to trust others. This means showing your partner that you trust them. What happens if they betray that trust? That is out of your control. In fact, its not the issue here, so focus back in on the real issue here – yourself!

How to deal with jealousy and overcome jealousy is an inside job. Its not about ‘them’, its not about the fact that ‘they’ cannot be trusted – its about you and your inability to trust them. Make this connection and you start the journey towards being a better person and a better man.

Dealing With Rejection And How To Handle Rejection

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The biggest concern for the majority of men when it comes to approaching women is their perception and expectation of dealing with rejection. A lot of men are not even consciously aware that they are setting themselves up for failure. It goes without saying then, that learning how to deal with rejection, and learning how to handle rejection, is perhaps the most important ability and skill you can equip yourself with in preparing to meet and date women.

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In an ideal world we would be able to confidently say we could permanently get rid of our fears of rejection, but most of us know that this is about being aware of it, managing it, facing it when it happens, and then confidently moving on from that situation with your sense of yourself intact and ready for the next situation.

How to handle rejection then is clearly about management. Its about having a plan that works for you when it comes to meeting women.

Regardless of your confidence or your lack of it, rejection is inevitable. You simply cannot expect everything and every situation to work out perfectly for you. Or more to the point, you can expect it to work out for you, but not in the ways perhaps that you had planned perhaps.

So lets look at this issue of dealing with rejection, and show you some ways in how to handle rejection so you are much better prepared for dating women – here is a list of questions i’d like you to ask yourself about rejection:

  • Why do I fear rejection?
  • What is the one thing I need to do to help me start to overcome my fear of rejection?
  • What are some of the reasons why women might reject me?
  • What are the reasons why women have rejected me in the past?
  • Have I done anything about addressing those reasons for that rejection?
  • Do I sabotage myself before I even meet a woman?
  • Am I good at dealing with rejection?

Okay so now you are thinking  about your experiences of it and how you might start learning how to deal with rejection. That is a good starting point. The key here is to embrace it – not move away from it.

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Next you need to have some good strategies to help you with dealing with rejection when it happens – and as you know, it will happen!

How To Deal With Rejection Online:

Most men are dating online these days. Or more to the point, most average men are dating online these days as the really smooth and confident men are out in the real world doing their stuff.

Online dating is a great place to learn how to handle rejection because you are dealing with a computer screen or electronic medium and not in person. So any strategies you want to employ are best tried in this medium.

Remember that these women do not know you, so don’t take it personally when they reject you.
They have merely made a decision to reject your invitation just like you rejected the urge to either contact other womens dating profiles, or those women who contacted you that you did not like yourself.

You need to understand rejection goes both ways and we all practice it – its just more magnified when its aimed at us!

Here are some ideas you can use to ensure you are dealing with rejection in a way that strengthens your resolve and helps you to move on quickly without getting personal about it:

  • If you receive an email that rejects either your initial invitation, or closes communication with you after several communications , do not respond negatively or question her decision. Make it concise, thank her for the communication and then move on. This should be one sentence.
  • If you get someone who is just rude or obnoxious do not respond to them. These people are either annoyed that you had the gumption to call them or they are just plain angry with life or something. Do not get involved in the drama. Move on quickly.
  • If someone contacts you and you don’t want to pursue the contact, then its time for you to practice what you preach. In other words, you thank them for their contact and state clearly that you are not suited. Wish them well. Move on quickly. Do not reply to further emails. By doing this you are respecting them and the dating process – good things come from that approach.

What about dealing with rejection in real life situations? How to handle rejection in these situations is much more confronting. Here are a few ideas for you to start working on your own approaches:

How To Deal With Rejection In Real Life Situations:

  • If you approach a woman, or for that matter if she approaches you and somewhere along the line she rejects you, then do not get caught up in any emotion – either hers or yours. Give her a smile or a wink and move on quickly. A “Great to meet you” is plenty.
  • The use of humor is always a great way to deal with rejection. Remember though that not all women find humor that funny, so its a bit hit and miss sometimes. The important thing here though is that you are in the zone of being relaxed and having fun – if she doesn’t buy it you can move on with a grin at least.
  • The really great thing about rejection is that it gives you practice and it gives you confidence if you have your own approach and strategy. There is an old saying that says;  ‘To succeed you have to double your failure rate”. In other words its a numbers game.

Dealing with rejection and learning how to handle rejection is a skill you must master or at the very least manage. Once you learn how to deal with rejection everything changes. You start relaxing more because you are not seeing it so personal, and you are moving on quickly from those situations. With mens dating and relationships, its always about investing in yourself and learning more.

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

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How to make long distance relationships work is dependent on any number of factors. Lets make it clear right from the start here, that long distance dating advice is best used as a guide only, as there are so many variables and so many challenges that can confuse and complicate the issue.

There are a lot of angles to approach this issue from and a lot of different ways long distance relationships evolve or come into being.

Lets look at two of the fundamental situations that are common to long distance love, and the advice that will help you learn how to make long distance relationships work for you:

Long distance dating advice for an existing couple:

This is where two people who are already in a relationship are faced with an overseas assignment or holiday where one partner is gone for a significant amount of time.

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Regardless of how strong an existing relationship is, to be thousands of miles away from each other can test the very best unions.

Its incredibly important to sit down before you both part to make sure you are both clear on what the rules are for you both. It is no good doing this afterwards – it has to be done prior to departing. A deep and meaningful can mean the difference between deepening the commitment and the union with each other, to realizing that the relationship just cannot function when you are physically apart.

This is where both parties have to get clear on their expectations and their values. They also have to be honest with themselves and each other in whether they can maintain the behaviors that support or reflect those values. Trust is an enormous part of this process – so too a belief in the strength and longevity of the relationship. Long distance love can be hard to maintain.

Long distance dating advice for a new couple who have met online:

This is a completely different dynamic than the situation involving the above scenario with an existing couple. Often long distance relationships that are developed online involve different cultures.

With different cultures come different expectations, different values, and completely different ways of understanding. In short, these types of relationships can be incredibly challenging. If not in the short term where communication online is quite easy and pleasant, then certainly once both parties finally meet each other in person.

How to make long distance relationships work in this context is to be very clear. Assume nothing. Assume the other person does not know what you mean or what you are thinking. You need to spell it out and you need to be sure they understand your position and your personal approach, values and your intentions.

Even when you do this still assume all may not be as it seems. There will always be misunderstandings between the sexes – this is magnified further by cultural differences. These will not disappear overnight – if ever.

The two different situations above cover the main long distance love situations most people find themselves in. But what about some of the issues that impact both types of relationships?

Long distance dating advice to help you understand some of the issues and the opportunities:

  • Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
  • Make sure the other party is fully cognizant and aware of your intentions.
  • Be mindful of knee jerk reactions or actions during these times – do not say or do anything that you will regret later. This might include declarations of long lasting love and commitment after several emails or even marriage proposals in a short period of time. Remember you are communicating long distance – its a different dynamic.
  • A good rule of thumb, particularly with new relationships that have met online is to remember that you are not getting to necessarily know someone by communicating online with them. On the contrary, you are merely getting to believe them (and them believe you too). This means that words cannot be backed up by demonstrated behaviors ‘in person’ – so keep the communication real.
  • Long distance love is often conducted in the space of minutes during a skype or webcam or email situation. The communication can be passionate and intense. Just remember in real life situations when you are together, you are often with each other most of the time. Be aware of that when you communicate with each other.
  • Always remind yourself that what you say is setting the foundations and expectations for a possible relationship when, or if, you finally meet. Do not promise anything you cannot deliver on. Be clear in your communications and be ethical.

How to make long distance relationships work can be a tricky business. There are so many variables that both parties are not in control of. If you choose to go the long distance love path, remember that before you commit to anyone or anything. As obvious as this might appear to you, always remember that long distance dating advice can only ever be a guide for you at best. There will always be challenges that accompany the opportunities.

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Best Places To Meet Women

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For all single men of all ages, the big question has always been; “where are the best places to meet women?” It is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in regards to mens dating and relationships information and advice.

The fact is that there are many places to meet women, but those places and opportunities are always relative to the man involved and what he is prepared to do in seeking out those best places to meet women.

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For example, some of the best ways to meet women are at the local club or bar. But how many men take the initiative, or have the confidence to approach women at these places? In real terms, not many at all.

This is because a lot of men are shy or not confident enough to approach women.

The best ways to meet women generally speaking are when you are relaxed and when you are in a good state of mind. If you are too uptight or nervous, then chances are you either won’t approach her, or you will end up doing a pretty average job of it.

Lets look at the best places to meet women and give you some ideas on how to approach these situations:

Best Places To Meet Women – Online Dating

Online dating has become the most universally accepted way of meeting people in the last few years. Whilst there is still some debate about this and some skepticism about the medium itself, the numbers clearly show that a majority of men are finding online dating as one of the best ways to meet women.

The key with online dating is to create a good profile that demonstrates your strengths, a good photo that is a recent one, and importantly, make sure it is spell checked. Keep all communications respectful. Minimize sharing any personal information about yourself, and make sure you seek to meet all contacts as soon as possible. In basic terms, contact them and make a date ASAP.

Best Places To Meet Women – Speed Dating

Speed dating is one of the best ways to meet women because its a fun night with very clear rules and guidelines that take the pressure off everyone at the event. The key with speed dating is to have fun, talk to all the women and let everything take care of itself from there. If women like you they will tell the organizers and then they will contact you. If you like someone you can also tell the organizers.

The important thing to consider with speed dating is to never ask for someones contact details at the event. Respect the guidelines and the speed dating process.

Best Places To Meet Women – Video Dating Online

This is an extension of online dating. The advantage here is that you get to promote yourself in person. You create a video profile of yourself and post it to the speed dating site. This gives women a very good idea whether you appeal to them or not.

This process can really streamline your dating communications because a video says so much about who a person is – even if they don’t mean to share it. I strongly suggest taking the time to do one of these and getting it right. For those men who back themselves, this is clearly one of the best ways to meet women that will elevate you in front of many other men looking for the same women. Self promotion at its best!

Best Places To Meet Women – Friends And Family

It seems obvious – and it is! Take the time to explore these options. The advantage with this approach is that both you and her are known by mutual friends. At the very least this means they see something that suggests you might be suited. So stay open to this approach. This approach is one of the best ways to meet women.

Best Places To Meet Women – The Work Place

This is a risky approach but can also be seen as a high risk high reward proposition.
The fact is that we all spend more time with the people we work with than our family and friends. This means from time to time we are attracted to people in the work place. My suggestion is to approach this with caution and be aware of the potential consequences, as a broken relationship in the work place can destroy credibility and careers.

The other side of that is you get a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who you may have known for sometime.
Clearly, and obviously, its a decision only you can make. If it works it really is one of the best ways to meet women.

Best Places To Meet Women – Sporting And Social Clubs

This is a great way to meet people with similar values and interests. Whether it be your local bowls club, tennis club, bush walking club, or a social community club, these places present you with some of the best ways to meet women.

Best Places To Meet Women – Shopping And Walking

This is for the more adventurous and confident men. Whether you are walking the beach, shopping at your local grocery store, or just sitting in a cafe, there are a lot of opportunities to meet women in these situations.

I suggest getting some good dating advice first on ways to approach women – unless of course you are a natural.

Mens dating and relationships information doesn’t always clearly state all of the options that exist for men. Its really important to have plenty of options, and then find the best ones for you.

The best places to meet women are anywhere you feel comfortable doing it. Keep and open mind, and you will soon learn that the best ways to meet women are the ones you are prepared to take action on. Open your horizons and be prepared to skill up and work on your own self development and dating approach. It will be an investment in yourself.

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys

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If there is one thing that can get in the way of dating success its being shy. Often it stops a guy from approaching that special woman he wants to ask out on a date. It means that all too often the opportunities to meet women are not taken. Online dating tips for shy guys is real advice for mens dating and relationships. Its about finding what works within the barriers and limitations of shyness, and working within that.

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This does not mean however that shy guys cannot change their behaviors or their attitudes and develop more confidence. Online dating tips for shy guys is about accepting where you are at right now in your life. Its about dealing with the reality of what is – and who you are as a man.

Not all men can be great with women. In fact, the majority of men are not good with women. All too often most of us have given in to our shyness or our lack of confidence in approaching women. So relax, shyness is more common than you might think.

Too much mens dating and relationships advice is focused on confident men – or creating confident men in short time. That is not reality. Its not real life. And it will not help those shy guys ever really meet women if they cannot change themselves. The fact is that many men never change who it is they are.

Online dating tips for shy guys then needs to accept that, and come up with strategies and advice that can help and encourage you to work with what, and who you are.

Lets look at some online dating tips for shy guys that can help develop an online profile that reflects who you are without having to be someone you are not.

First of all its a common accepted fact that women love confident men. As a shy guy you might be incredibly confident – you just might not show it or even know it! So one of the keys is to get present with who it is you are. This means being a little introspective and asking yourself some questions.

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys – Questions To Consider

  • Am I really shy or just reserved?
  • Am I being just a little hard on myself with my shyness towards women?
  • What stops me meeting women?
  • What do I need to change?
  • If there was one thing I could change what would it be?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What are my best qualities?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What kind of woman am I looking for?
  • What do I have to offer them?

Now the purpose of the above questions is merely to get you thinking about you and your approach. Its to loosen you up a little by getting you to question your fears, and to acknowledge your strengths. Its also about getting you to focus on what you want – not what you don’t want.

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys – The Profile

Its really important to develop an online dating profile that is clear, accurate, and depicts you for who you are. In other words do not over state yourself or make yourself out to be someone you are not – that would be a disaster. You need to focus on your strengths and focus on what, and who, you are looking for.

By being direct and clear you are in fact demonstrating a level of confidence and that will come across to women who are interested in your profile.

Do not state that you are shy. Do not state those things that you are not. One of the best online tips for shy guys is to operate from a position of strength – state what you are, not what you are not.

Another one of those incredibly important online dating tips for shy guys is to make sure your spelling and punctuation is 100% correct. Women are hard markers on this. They are looking for a man they can look up to and respect – if you cannot spell you will not be considered in front of those other guys who can. So get this part of your profile right.

Also make sure that your profile is positive and upbeat. There is nothing attractive or interesting about a profile that is negative or demeaning to the opposite sex – or talks about what it is you are not looking for. Be clear on this point. It can be a deal breaker.

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys – The Email Communication

This is incredibly important. Get this wrong, or lose control of this, and you will not be respected or genuinely considered. You must be clear once you have established communication with a woman that you are online to meet a woman – not to endlessly email her, or get to know here online first.

This is an area you can demonstrate confidence and leadership. Many women don’t feel confident meeting a man straight up. My strong advice to you is state clearly that you are there to meet in person – not online.

I always say that online dating is a means to an end not an end in itself. You are there to meet – not email each other. You get to know people only by meeting them. On the other hand, you get to merely believe people when you are communicating online. See and know that difference. This is one of those key fundamental pieces of advice in mens dating and relationships information that is often over looked.

If a woman is not comfortable with meeting you straight away, by all means acknowledge and respect her concerns. But be firm and clear about where you stand. Show confidence and say you would love to meet her sometime when, or if, she is comfortable. But do not get into emailing back and forth. Simply move on and if she is interested she will then contact you.

This will demonstrate to all women you value yourself. You will never win over all women. Some simply will not like you, or like your approach. But by being clear and decisive, you demonstrate confidence – and that does attract and impress women.

Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys – The Date

Once you have secured the date, again demonstrate confidence by choosing a place to meet. You can of course ask her opinion about this place, or where she would feel comfortable at, but just make sure you are leading here and listening here as well.

A good rule of thumb on a date, and this is one of those really important online dating tips for shy guys, is to listen. This is how you turn a perceived negative – your shyness, into a positive. Show genuine interest in what she is saying. Ask her questions, and make sure you engage by using the appropriate non verbal cues like eye contact, head nodding and general interested and open body language.

Remember 80% of communication is non verbal. For the shy guy that is golden information. Work on your non verbal skills and instead of being the bumbling shy guy, you can come across as the stronger silent confident guy who possesses good listening skills and a genuine interest in other people.

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Online dating tips for shy guys are all too often ignored or not even considered in mens dating and relationships information. Make sure you start working on your strengths, and developing those areas above that can take the focus away from you and onto her. She’ll love it!

How To Get Girlfriend Back

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This is a question that needs considerable thought and strategy and a healthy dose of realism. No matter what you do, or how well you might do it, the chances are that your efforts will be too late. That all said, how to get girlfriend back deserves your best efforts.

Now before we move on to how you are going to do this, I think its important to state why you should do this. There are a number of very good reasons why you need to go through this.

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The Why Of  How To Get Girlfriend Back:

  • It will help you get on with your life.
  • It will get you to take action in your life.
  • It will get you out of that comfort zone you have been in.
  • It will help you with the next relationship – if not your girlfriend you are trying to get back, but the next person you meet.
  • It will get you back! In other words, you get to know you again.

Okay, lets get started on what you need to do for your best chance to get your girlfriend back.

Firstly you need to stay away from her – that is, do not contact her at all. If she contacts you then that is different. The key here is to not appear needy or desperate or in anyway weak and out of control.

You also need to get on with your life. This means reconnecting with those things and people who are important to you. Often in relationships, we drift away from those things because a relationship can take up so much of our time.

How to get girlfriend back also requires you to minimize any negative talk about her or any moaning and groaning about the relationship to your friends.
Why? Because if those friends are her friends they will tell her that you are an emotional wreck and doing it tough – and this is not how you want to appear to her. You want her to think you are doing fine.

If you are showing strength and confidence she just might start wondering if she has made the right decision. Women look for that in a man.

Another key in how to get girlfriend back is to NOT be her friend. Often a woman will say she wants to be friends or that she is open to friendship. This will kill any real chance you have of being her man and will mean you are relegated to friendship status. You do not want this i’ll assume.

In fact i’d say the above is perhaps one of the key fundamentals with mens dating and relationships advice – do not be her friend!

Also make it a point to go out and have some fun – but don’t make the mistake of going out and getting drunk and sleeping around. If she sees you out, make sure she comes to you.

This is about changing the dynamic of the relationship. A good tact is to tell her you are moving on to the next club or bar. Be sure that you end the conversation with her. Be friendly, but be confident enough to walk out shortly afterwards. Control the situation in other words.

Now the above measures can, and are challenging to do at times. If you do these things you will have your best chance at how to get girlfriend back.

As mentioned earlier though, the real value here will be the value you are showing not just her, and not just those around you, but the value you are showing and put onto yourself. Your self esteem will rocket as a result of this – maybe not initially when you are in a fair bit of pain, but you will look back and be proud of how you handled yourself.

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How to get girlfriend back is dependent on so many factors. Rest assured that if you do all of the above its your best chance. If she wants you back, make sure that the reasons you broke up in the first place are dealt with – or they will raise their head again.

Law Of Attraction Relationships

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One of the romantic notions about love and relationships is the ideal that we will attract to us our perfect mate. The reality of that prospect and possibility is in fact very real indeed – especially if you understand the concept and the principles behind the law of attraction relationships ideology.

Now if you are someone who is reasonably open minded this concept will not be too hard to grasp or even accept. You see, whether we want to readily admit it or not, like attracts like. If you look at nature and observe it you will see it clearly enough. If you look at your life, your friendships and the people you gravitate towards, there is often that attraction or a similarity that brings you together.

The skeptics might say that opposites attract as well. That is true of course, but do they often stay together, and do they live in harmony?

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Law of attraction relationships is about accepting that you will attract to you the right partner for you. But it isn’t that simple of course! There are a number of things you need to do to ensure you are getting what you want.

The thing about the universal law of attraction is that it does not have an opinion or an emotion about you – it merely reflects back to you what it is you are, or what you are vibrating or resonating on some level of your being. In simpler terms, its about the energy you project out into the world.

There are no hard and fast rules here, just a lot of guidelines and maybes and could bes – but do not let that deter you or in any way lessen the effectiveness of law of attraction relationships.

The starting point is to get clear about the kind of partner and relationship you want. From there its a process of getting really honest with yourself by matching your personality traits up against the person who you would like to attract into your life.

For example, you might want to attract someone who is kind and patient. You would then look at yourself and see if that is you on some level. In other words, is there a part of you that is like energy to that?

Are you getting this?

Another way to approach law of attraction relationships is to go about developing those qualities and attributes you are looking for a partner in yourself.

This is a great strategy for you because on the one hand you are starting to turn your focus towards yourself, and secondly, you are making the connection that you have an impact on the world, and people around you. It can be a powerful realization and has considerable flow on effects in all areas and aspects of your life.

If you are serious about attracting a partner that reflects the values and the qualities you admire, just make sure those qualities are what you are offering yourself – the universal law of attraction has a tendency to give to you what it is that you are sending out to the world.

This does not always manifest in the way some hope, and sometimes partnerships are so mind boggling its hard to even begin to understand how certain people get together. But somewhere inside of them they are sending out a message to each other that is a match.

By becoming aware of law of attraction relationships potential, you start opening up to the fact that you are a creator. And that on some level it is you who decides who comes into your life – even if you don’t consciously understand that!

A good rule of thumb with law of attraction relationships is to be open to opportunities by asking for guidance along the way – and looking for those sign posts or beacons that stand out. By that I mean those little seemingly coincidental moments, or those eureka moments that will remind you that magic exists if you are prepared to be ready to experience it. Live and love with awareness.

How To Get Her Back Into Your Life

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You’ve just received the news and you are still in shock – your girlfriend has told you its finally over. You had an inkling it was going to happen, but nothing ever prepares you for the news. There are no guarantees in life, but you can learn how to get her back by avoiding these mistakes below.

The mistakes below are generally the deal breakers in trying to get her back. Whatever you do make sure you read these and do not fall into the trap of doing any of them.

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If you want to get her back, avoid the following behaviors at all costs:

1. Do Not Over React Or Panic – This is where you need to stay cool. I know this is incredibly hard to do when you are in shock, when you are emotional and you just want to get her back and talk to her to change her mind. The fact is that she will not change her mind. If you want her respect, you need to avoid this. Show strength. Ironically, this will be much more attractive to her.

2. Avoid Guilt Games And Guilt Trips At All Cost – Forget all guilt trips and all guilt games. They do not work period. You will only make her angry or reinforce her decision. Stay strong.

Do not even think about manipulation either. Avoid saying anything that either manipulates her, or is seen to be manipulating her. An example would be; “You just don’t appreciate me and what I have done for you”. As I say, avoid this behavior – its immature and its infantile and weak.

3.Do Not Settle For Friendship To Get Her Back – Friends rarely works unless both parties genuinely see the ending of their relationship as being positive and necessary. If you remain her friend you reduce your standing in her eyes and lose your self esteem and worth in the process. Do not give your power away in this. Be strong.

Worse still, you might be looked upon as a ‘nice guy’ and one that will support her (like a girlfriend for example) during her needy times or when she is going through issues with her current boyfriend. Can you handle that possibility? I hardly think you could.

4. Do Not Sleep With Her To Get Her Back – If the relationship is based on sex it won’t last. Keep out of her bed. Be strong. Think long term gain and short term pain perhaps. The key is to maintain your level of power – do not give her the upper hand in this – you will lose everything.

5.Stay Clear Of Drugs Or Alcohol – Have a casual drink by all means, just don’t go out and drown your sorrows or make a fool out of yourself. It will not help you get her back.

6. Resist Talking About Her – A lot of us have been there – I know I have. Resist the temptation to bombard your friends with your stories about her. By all means if they ask then keep it short and deliberately move on to another subject. They will soon get the message (and she might too via them) that you are not interested or focused on her.

7. Do Not Contact Her Or Her Friends – This simply means that you do not deliberately seek out her or any of her friends. Get on with things – as hard as it is to do that.

8. Keep Your Distance And Get On With Your Life – Forget about what she is doing or not doing. Get on with your life. Show her you are moving on with life and that you have better things to do. This shows strength.

9. Do Not Buy Her Presents To Get Her Back – Definitely do not send gifts or presents to her as this is too late to do and she will not respect you for doing it, or have any strong connection to even wanting those gifts from you. How to get her back is not buying her love.

10. Maintain Your Dignity – Do not fall into the trap of putting her down or saying bad things about her to your friends. Its not good form, and it doesn’t show them or her for that matter, that you really care or respect her.

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If you stick to the above guidelines you have the best chance to get her back into your life as your girlfriend. There are no guarantees though as she may have already made up her mind about you.Just make sure you maintain your own inner strength and show yourself as much as anyone else that you are a man with options.

How to get her back is about showing her that you are confident and that you are strong. That is your best chance.

How To Be Happy Single

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It perhaps seems quite ironic and contradictory to some perhaps, that a website focused on dating and relationships advice for men, should focus on how to be happy single. However, this component of your quest to find and attract the right woman for you is just so important for your happiness and contentedness.

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You see if you cannot learn how to be happy single, then you are not really happy are you? And if you are not really happy then you are hardly sending all those women out there the strong message that you are a confident guy who has his act and his life together.

Have you ever met those guys who are just never happy? The ones who always complain about everything? The guys who say that all the good women are taken? I don’t know about you but they are hardly great guys to be around – and women certainly aren’t attracted to them!

Your Mandate To Love is not just focused on helping you meet the perfect woman for you. Its about helping you meet you! Your personal growth and development is crucial if you want to meet that perfect woman for you.

Its when you are single that you have a fantastic opportunity to work on you. Sure, that includes finding ways to be a better you so you can meet and attract women into your life, but your relationship with you is the key here. Get that right, and you build a foundation of confidence and acceptance of yourself for who you are. Once you do this you project this out into the world – whether you want to or not.

Remember that women are attracted to confidence and strength in a man. Weak minded and negative types of guys are not what good women are looking for – ever!

How to be happy single is to start enjoying your company. Many guys don’t like the concept of being alone with themselves. My advice is to start doing a little more of this if you are one of those guys. If you can’t stand to be with yourself, chances are that she won’t either! Again, this is about being comfortable and confident with yourself.

One of the best lessons I ever learned (and it is individual to my experience of course) is that I found out what being alone really felt like a number of years ago. It was ironically when I was in a relationship at the time. It has been in hindsight a wonderful gift. It reinforced to me the importance of the relationship with myself, and also, the relationship that I needed to have with a woman to feel connected, loved and respected as a man.

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How to be happy single is crucially important if you want to be the best you that you can be. And remember that the best you that you can be will attract the best partner for you as well. Always be clear on the fact that the more you work on yourself, the better relationships you are going to attract and have in your life.

Phone And Text Dating And Relationships

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Both phone and text dating and relationships present their own challenges and opportunities for men. Of course phone dating is definitely not a new concept, however it has definitely become more socially acceptable with the advent of the internet and mobile communications.

In so many ways, its become the old fashioned dating technique that is seen as more conservative than text dating or the raft of other new dating techniques and services available nowadays. Its a real reflection on just how quickly the dating world has changed.

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I will assume you have at the very least, a beginning awareness of what both phone and text dating actually are. The purpose of this article is to get you to have a think about the processes involved, and to pass on a few tips to you to help you maximize any communications or dates you might have.

Although electronic communications or multi media dating is evolving, and with it peoples attitudes and expectations, generally speaking it is very early days. There is still a disconnect (pardon the pun) between how dating happens person to person and how it is approached electronically.

In other words there are still crossed wires and any amount of misunderstandings when text is used in the dating world.
Lets not forget that men and women have always had their challenges – even with all of their sensory perceptions and face to face communications intact with traditional methods.

It should be no surprise then that phone and text dating and relationships can create these misunderstandings.

Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of phone and text dating:

Phone dating advantages

  • Its comfortable as you are both in the safety of your own homes and there are no physical pressures or expectations.
  • You can get quite comfortable with each other relatively quickly.
  • No need to go out and buy a meal or make arrangements – so its convenient.
  • You can flirt a bit without the physical pressure of following through.
  • You can build a certain element of trust and confidence in the relationship by regularly talking on the phone.
  • Its a great way to listen to the other person and see if they are really suited to you

Phone dating disadvantages

  • Its impersonal.
  • It can create a lot of expectations without any accountability.
  • It can rely far too heavily on one sensory perception (hearing) and can be found to be incredibly way off when you get to meet the other person in person.
  • It can create two different relationships. That is, the way you communicate on the phone is not the way you communicate in person. Therefore one or both parties meet and finds that the person is not the same in the real world.
  • It can be prolonged by one party to the point where the phone dating has become the relationship – in other words there is no need to meet in the physical world.

Text dating advantages

  • Its super quick and immediate.
  • Its cheap and easy to do.
  • It can be succinct and to the point.
  • It can avoid emotional scenes and public misunderstandings – that is, you could have a disagreement or full blown argument and it is kept within the confines of the silent text world.
  • It can be bold without the need to back it up face to face. In other words flirting can be done easily with the push of a button.
  • It can be a confidence builder for those who find it hard to say what they want to say – so they text it instead.

Text dating disadvantages

  • Messages can be misunderstood.
  • Messages can be mistakenly sent to someone else.
  • Messages can totally avoid any emotional or feeling content. While this can be a positive in some situations, it can lead a relationship to getting clinical and non committal.
  • Messaging is a written record. This means everything you send is there for as long as the other party wants to keep it. It also means that you might say something you totally do not mean, whether negative or positive, and the other party has misconstrued what you sent.
  • Text dating can fast track, or totally destroy a relationship in literally minutes. Again, be careful about what you text.
  • Text dating can often send the message that I want to text you when its convenient for me, or you are the last option. It may work well for casual liaisons, but can be problematic for a partner who wants or expects more.

There are other concerns, considerations and opportunities when it comes to phone and text dating. The key is to communicate with awareness with all your dating and relationships done via these mediums.

Phone and text dating are tools that should be used as part of your dating portfolio tool bag. Just don’t go overboard on any one approach. Remember its a means to an end – not an end in itself.

The Online Dating First Email

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Online dating can be a very fickle and unforgiving medium. Many men have ruined their chances with a woman by sending an email that totally turned her off. The online dating first email contact is critical as it might be the only chance you get to impress her.

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The first thing you need to be aware of though is that no one method is 100% successful. All women are different. And like all men, they have some baggage as well. Even the very best email can be ignored or put into the also ran basket.

The good news is that if you follow just a few fundamental guidelines in getting that online dating first email done right, then chances are you will get a much better success rate.

As men we need to remember that a lot of women get inundated with hundreds of email contacts. This means that if you are not in the top 5% you can forget about it.

Having spoken to many women about this, I can tell you there are some not negotiables with your online dating first email. Here are some guidelines that are critical to your success:

  • NEVER ever send an email that has not been spell checked. If you are not so great with spelling and grammar, i’d suggest you get it checked by a trusted friend. All women I speak to get turned off by a man who cannot get this right. Its a deal breaker.
  • Keep it friendly and avoid any cheap shot sleazy comments. She gets lots of sleazy emails from guys who have no chance with her. Make sure you are not one of them.
  • Stand out from the pack. How do you do this? You have great individual qualities don’t you? Use your imagination. Remember she needs to put you in that top 5% – make sure that you touch her in some way that makes her want to contact you.
  • Be direct. This means that you state really clearly what it is you want. This can be risky, but believe me, it will save you time in the long run.  By this I mean be clear about who it is you are and what you are there for. If you are there to meet people in person for example, state that clearly.
  • If you comment on or about her make sure you read her profile. Womens biggest gripe about men is that they do not listen or read their profiles. Make sure you reflect something in your email that tells her you read her profile.
  • Don’t give her endless compliments. Leave that for the other desperate guys who are trying too hard. Women respect strength in a man. Don’t start off by pandering to her ego.

That online dating first email is all important in ensuring you get the girl. A further tip is to make sure you state clearly that you want to meet her soon. Email communications often end in confusion. Find the girl. Meet her in person as quickly as you can. Then take it from there. Goodluck!

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back And Get That 2nd Chance?

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Your Mandate To Love is focused on helping you find the woman you want in your life.  However, sometimes in life we face situations where we think we have already found that woman only to see the relationship fail.  So how do I get my girlfriend back and get that 2nd chance you might say?

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Lets take a look at the facts first though before we answer that all important question of how do I get my girlfriend back.

Most of us have been through it, some of us many times. Its painful. It hurts. You feel like your whole world is breaking down around you. Your best friend all of a sudden isn’t there anymore, or even more painfully, wants to remain “good friends”.

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Words cannot console you. Logic doesn’t even come into the equation. This is about feelings not logic or reason. The mantra is playing over and over in your head; “how do I get my girlfriend back, how do I get my girlfriend back….” and so on. Its a time of helplessness for many of us – its also a time of vulnerability and distortion.

Its also the time to not act – or more to the point not to react to the situation.

That is of course if you really want your ‘how do I get my girlfriend back’ mantra to actually work for you.

It takes incredible strength, discipline and a steely resolve to overcome those urges to pick up the phone, text, email, send flowers or even knock on the door. I have done all of the above to no avail.

Do not do any of these things!

If you try to do these things, or you ‘hang around’ or try to hang out where your girlfriend does, you will lose further credibility….and any hope of getting her back.

You need to be strong, and if there is any chance of getting your girlfriend back, you need to have a plan or at least some sort of strategy.

Well that is all very well you might say,  but how do I get my girlfriend back you might ask?

Let me pose this question back to you; “Are you totally sure you do want her back, or are you wanting to fill the void and the loneliness that is a result of not having your ex girlfriend back?”

It would be very easy for me to give you a list of how and what to do to get your girlfriend back. But then isn’t that what everyone tells you?

I’m going to do something totally different here – something I think might help you to come to terms with what has happened, and help you to start the process of moving on in your life. This moving on of course can mean either with… or without her.

How do I get my girlfriend back questions to consider:

  • Do I want her back or am I lonely and merely want someone else?
  • Why did we break up – what were the reasons?
  • If I know what those reasons were, or at least some of them, do I have the want and the capacity to change my behavior or attitudes?
  • In other words, what has to change if we are to be together?
  • Are the changes something that need to take place for both of us, or is this merely about me?
  • What did I love about the relationship?
  • What didn’t I like about the relationship?
  • Does she really want me for who I am, or does she want me to change to be who she wants me to be?
  • Was the relationship supportive?
  • Were my needs being met?
  • Were her concerns about me valid or reasonable and do i really understand what they were?
  • Did she respect me and the relationship?
  • What is my ‘gut’ or inner self telling me about this?
  • How do I get my girlfriend back if she doesn’t want me or us?
  • Was I prepared to talk about our issues?
  • Did I listen to her?
  • What would I change if I did get here back?
  • Is she, or at least was she really into me and us?
  • Can I get a 2nd chance?

Of course there are many more questions to ask yourself. But what I hope is that you start looking inwards and start to get reflective and introspective of the bigger picture here.

You really do need to make necessary connections here if you are to succeed in getting her back and getting that 2nd chance. In fact, regardless of whether she wants you back or not, you still need to go through this process to enable yourself to work through your stuff and to ensure you get what it is you need to change to be a better man and a better partner.

“How do I get my girlfriend back and get that 2nd chance then?” You need to open to new possibilities and new levels of awareness and be open and ready for change.  Your Mandate To Love is dependent on you making these changes and connections in your life.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

Online Dating Websites – Advice On Why Where And How

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Your Mandate To Love is focused on getting you proactive and motivated in trying different approaches to meeting and attracting women into your life. Many of you already would be aware of, and are participating in online dating – at least I hope so! There are dozens of online dating websites, and they are all different.  Some are much better than others.

This article on online dating websites will focus on the where, the how and the why of online dating and offer some advice along the way.

Lets look at some key points on why you should join online dating websites:

  • The market is expanding and its now a given that online dating is an acceptable way to meet other people.
  • Its cost effective. In fact its often much cheaper per date than a few drinks at the local or a dinner for two.
  • Its convenient. You can log in anywhere and check your potential contacts 24/7.

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  • Many women feel safer online.
  • Its a great way to edit your specifications and seek the ideal partner or person you are looking for.
  • Your profile is always visible and working around the clock.

Lets look at some key points on where you can join online dating websites:

  • Google is always a good place to start. A rule of thumb is to search for the top internet or online dating sites.
  • Once you have found a few, take a look around the sites, then reduce the number to say your top 2 or 3.
  • Once you do that go back to Google and search for the reviews on those dating sites. Often they can be good indicators to sentiment and performance of the site.
  • I’d recommend settling for 1 site initially (Click Here For My Number 1 Recommendation For Meeting Quality Women Through Online Dating Websites) and getting comfortable with the process if it is new to you.

Lets look at some key points on how you should approach online dating websites:

  • Take some time to read the profiles and get a feel for what people are looking for.
  • Also go to the home page – usually the better sites have a guide about how to create a good online dating profile.
  • Once you have got a good idea about how to create your profile make sure you get a good recent photo of yourself and make sure its a happy one.
  • You will generally need to purchase credits, stamps or a paid membership to contact the women on the online dating website.
  • Make sure you READ the womens profiles to ensure you are within their demographic and what they are asking for before emailing them.
  • Again, make sure you read the profile. One of the biggest complaints i’ve heard from women is the fact that many men do not read their profiles or have respected what they have asked for in their profiles.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are 100% correct. Its another critical factor in gaining a womens interest and shows you are not only smart enough to string a sentence together, but you have taken the time to make sure its right.
  • Keep your email communications relatively short.
  • Do not disclose personal information about yourself.
  • State clearly that you are online with the intention of securing a date in the real world – some women will try to get to know you online first. Do not do this if possible. They will often be screening you and testing you before the chance of a real date. Be direct. Be polite. And state that if she would like to meet you for a coffee or drink you would love to meet her. Resist all temptation and persuasion to continue online communication.
  • A line I have used (I am thankfully not single anymore) online dating is that I see the online dating process as a means to an end – not an end in itself. It is merely an opportunity to quickly make contact online then meet in the real world.

A closing piece of advice when using online dating websites is to remember that when you communicate online with someone you do not get to know that person – you merely only get to believe that person and who they say they are.

Approach online dating websites with optimism and with an opportunistic mindset as they are fantastic places to meet people. Just be sure to remind yourself that a person does not in fact exist until you physically meet them.

Keep that in mind and your experiences with online dating websites should be meaningful and worthwhile.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author


How To Use Visualization To Attract Women

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One of the things I continue to learn in life is that there are numerous ways to get what you want in life, and learning how to use visualization to attract women is one of them.

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Your Mandate To Love is prepared to think outside of the square by providing you with multiple approaches and possibilities to get the woman of your dreams
– or that woman you already know for that matter. This article about how to use visualization to attract women is a case in point. To really understand what this is and how it works is to understand the power this approach has in all areas of your life. You do need to be prepared to entertain this concept and be open to it – I hope you are as it is a powerful technique to attract women.

But first lets discuss what visualization is. We all visualize. In fact its predominantly what we do every waking hour of our lives.  Everything that comes into our lives on some level is due to us visualizing it or attracting it to us. We are 5 sensory beings with the most primary and predominant sense being our vision.

Now stay with me on this because this is really important you understand the concept here. You are a creator. You create and manifest everything in your life. You think about it, you focus on it, and generally speaking if you put a lot of focus and thought and energy into it, it will come into your life.

How to use visualization to attract women then is no different.
And each time you think about it, or think about that woman, or that romantic situation, you are in some way creating building blocks in your mind to bringing it into your life. But heres the thing, you need to be open to it, to acknowledge it, and then work on how to use visualization to attract women into your life consciously and deliberately.

Still not convinced? Ever wondered sometimes about those ‘coincidences’ that appear to just happen out of nowhere? For example, an old friend you haven’t seen for years just appears almost out of nowhere? Do you recall what the line often is when you do meet them?

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“Hey I was just thinking about you the other day!” or “You are not going to believe this but I had this really vivid dream about you…” or “I was just about to give you a phone call..”

Call the above coincidence, synchronicity or just plain random events – or accept the fact that on some level these people were visualizing or imagining that other person and it resulted in their chance meeting. The point I am making here is that these people were connecting to what they wanted on an inner level and it resulted in them seeing or hearing from each other.

I’ve had many of these experiences. Too many in fact to call random or coincidence. In fact to give you another example, my current girlfriend and I originally met for a first date last year (met online dating) and we didn’t catch up again. Long story I won’t go into detail on here. It was several months since I had talked to her. It was around about Christmas time and I had been thinking about her and thought i’d send her an SMS to say hi and Merry Xmas. What happened next was unbelievable…well to some of us anyway.

I wrote the text on my computer and was just about to press ‘send’ when a message came through on my mobile phone. I checked it. It was her! It seems she was thinking about me as well. I do have other examples to share – for perhaps another time.

I’m hoping by now you are starting to get the picture here. How to use visualization to attract women should be a priority for any man hoping to meet the woman of his dreams. No pun intended. Visualization is a powerful strategy and an important component to any existing strategy or course you are following.

So how do you use visualization to attract women? Well you can sit and meditate on it and in your minds eye visualize that particular woman (if you don’t know one, then imagine the type of woman you are looking for) or you can totally let technology work it out for you. This is where Mind Movies or Attraction Movies as they are also known can really help you get clear and get the conditions you want in your life.

The software packages available are incredibly easy to use and powerful in helping you experience visualization to attract women. Why? You get to choose your own images, your own affirmations and your own soundtrack. You put these together and you play them either on your computer of mobile device. Its basically your very own movie. The key is here is that you have created what you want to bring into your life on it.

How to use visualization to attract women is not difficult with the help of this technology. Look at it like the ‘other’ dating program you have that will help you to consolidate and strengthen the areas of your life you need to…and to help you put those key concepts you are learning in how to attract women into your software movie.

Let me give you another example on how to use visualization to attract women:

Lets say for instance that you have bought a dating book/s or program/s and you are making notes of the key areas you need to work on. These can be your affirmations to put into your Mind Movie.

Here are some examples:

  • “I am a confident man who attracts women effortlessly”
  • “Women are attracted to me”
  • “I am a genuine and strong self assured man who women love”
  • “I am comfortable, cool, calm, collected and direct with women”
  • “Each and every day I am learning how to attract women successfully”
  • “I love the man who I am and women love me too”
  • “My online profile attracts the women to me I want to meet”

Of course when it comes to learning how to use visualization to attract women you are only limited by your imagination. But make no mistake – this is a powerful and effective strategy in your tool bag to meet women and to manifest any conditions you want in your life.

I hope you entertain this strategy and take the time to learn how to use visualization to attract women into your life.
Its just another strategy you can consciously use in your life to help you live a more fulfilling and abundant life. Attraction movies are a great tool to help you do that.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

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Video Dating Online

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Your Mandate To Love is committed to providing you with access to not only the best information available on the dating scene, but also the best technologies and new developments in the dating world. Video dating online is one such approach that is relatively new but catching on fast.

Video dating online is really just internet and online dating that has gone to the next level by turning the usual photo and print profile into a more active and even interactive experience that gives prospective partners much more of an idea about who you are.

Video dating is a form of virtual dating that enables users to access live dating services with actual video that is close to a real dating experience. Sites offering video dating generally allow 3-5 minute webcam interviews with online matches.

The value in video dating online is it provides a considerable amount of authenticity to a profile as the person is clearly visible and audible – something traditional online dating could not do. This gives potential partners or interested parties much more information to act on, and it personalizes to some degrees at least, what has been up to this point, a fairly detached and removed process.

So how do you get involved in video dating online? Well there are any number of websites that cater for this form of dating.

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Here are a few of the more popular video dating online sites:

  • offers online dating and live access by video to chat and to meet other people. This service adds a personal touch that most other online sites don’t offer. is the world’s largest online videochat community.
  • offers members the ability to broadcast and view high quality, live video streams without having to download any viewing software. Date is a popular video dating and community site. They offer live video and webcam chat.
  •   Is a safe and anonymous and free to search and post adult website. If you are searching for adult personals dating with live video & webcam chat then adult action cam may be just what you are looking for. The adult video personals site has well over 100000 members online at any one time so it is extremely popular.
  • On  You can create your webcam video. This video can be as extensive or as simple as you want. You can simply introduce yourself in your video or even provide short, quick sexual videos. The choice is yours. Keep in mind that this is an adult webcam dating site that has a focus on video chat.
  • is a free online video chat site that promises that you will never have to use credit cards on the site ever.

The dating world is continually evolving and creating exciting new opportunities for single people to meet each other and video dating online is one of the latest and fastest growing technologies on the internet to do this. Make sure you open yourself up to all the possibilities to meet the woman of your dreams. Your Mandate To Love depends on it.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

How To Please Your Woman

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How to please your woman should be one of the most important considerations for you as a man. Now the title of this article assumes you may already have a woman, but you certainly do not need to have a woman to understand the importance in learning how to please your woman when you find her. Make sure you have the skills and the information to do this when she comes into your life.

First up lets dispel a few myths and look at the complexities that come with learning how to please your woman. Lets start with the obvious one – just how do you please your woman?

How to please your woman with strength and leadership:

Quite ironically you don’t go out of your way to please her funnily enough. You see women generally speaking, enjoy a challenge and having someone cater to their every need or want is more akin to that of a waiter if you like than a real man in her eyes. She will test you to see if you have what it takes to look after her and protect her – she doesn’t want, nor will she respect or be attracted to a man she can boss around.

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So you need to have a good sense of yourself and your own worth in these instances. This will demonstrate your power and your strength to her. It will show her you are your own man, that you are decisive and that you are able to care for her. She is looking for leadership. And as a man you have a responsibility in a relationship to lead.

How to please your woman by listening to her:

Now this is much more complex than it would appear. You see listening is most definitely a highly developed skill – and a much misunderstood skill. Hugh McKay in his insightful book ‘Why Don’t People Listen’ states that; “Listening is not in fact hearing. Hearing is a physical process and a passive one at that. It merely demonstrates that our ears are working. However when we listen we are active, alert and focused.”

So apply the above in how to please your woman. Make sure she feels that you are listening to her – not just using your ears.  She wants recognition of her state and recognition of the intensity of her message. Respond with appropriate passion and the right note of concern.

Men need to understand, or at least be aware that they do not understand, the indirect nature in which women communicate. When in doubt use reflective listening, this at the very least will assure her that you take her seriously.

How to please your woman physically:

This is where you need to make connections. Your woman isn’t a one dimensional person able to switch on and off to each situation as it arises. In other words she needs to feel good to really enjoy the physical or sexual side of her relationship. So as a man you need to understand the importance of the previous step in listening – if she feels listened to and respected, she will be much more willing and open in the bedroom.

Remember these key components in how to please your woman;

  1. Demonstrate strength and leadership and be prepared to be tested.
  2. Listen to your woman – that is really listen to her. Be her rock.
  3. The physical is intrinsically connected to the emotional. Get this right and you will give yourself and her every opportunity to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

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Most single guys will readily admit that they could do with, and actually need, a few tips on how to get a girlfriend. Very few men among us have that part of our lives sorted. In fact if the truth be known we need all the tips on how to get a girlfriend we can get!

Here is a collection of really effective tips on how to get a girlfriend that will get you moving towards your goal quickly:

  • Socialize and network. Okay so what does this mean? Its about getting involved in life. Being where the people are. You don’t necessarily have to be a social butterfly or make the social pages, but you do need to make an effort. I could be as simple as having a coffee at the corner cafe, or take the dog for a walk down at the park. Just make sure you do something different.
  • Skill up and start reading and researching. Make no mistake about it,  unless you are the local lover boy you need to brush up on your skills on how to get a girlfriend. The best advice is to buy a a dating book or program or at the very least sign up for a free bi weekly newsletter like the one in Your Mandate To Love, and start becoming aware of the information that is out there to help you learn how to get a girlfriend.

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  • Join a gym or fitness class. Lots of women frequent fitness classes and gyms. Another great place is in Yoga or Pilates classes. These are often predominantly female classes.
  • Hone your skills by starting to flirt with some of the women at work or the girls at the local store. This is actually a great and a safe way to develop your confidence and your skills. Forget about looks or attraction do it with all women. They’ll love you for it.
  • Get some feedback on your appearance and style. Now this doesn’t mean selling yourself out or somehow changing who it is you are. This is about you being open to the fact that you might need a makeover. Many guys do. Particularly if you have been single for sometime and out of the game. So grab a girl friend and go shopping.
  • Get online and create a dating profile. Do your research first. In fact if you read my articles on Your Mandate To Love it will give you some great ideas to get started.
  • Try speed dating. This is a real fun night out with absolutely no pressure attached. Not to mention that you will probably get quite a few tips on how to get a girlfriend on the night – whether you ask for them or not!
  • Work on your body language with women and in your life generally. If you are prone to slouching work on your posture. If you are a little shy and don’t always use eye contact – practice it!  Its little things like this can can make a big difference.
  • Find out what a ‘nice guy’ is and strive not to be one! Okay thats a bit tongue in cheek. But here is the deal – women will either classify you as potential partner material or a ‘nice guy’ who could be a friend. This is where you need to get some good information and ensure you don’t end up being one of these guys.
  • Don’t appear desperate or needy with women. They will pick this up a mile away and you will not stand a chance with them. They are looking for a man not a mouse.
  • Be yourself. This means first and foremost not to be someone else or something you are not. Its about being authentic. If you are struggling with confidence or overcoming shyness then remember that sometimes less is actually more. You exhibit strength if you convey the message to women that you like or at least are comfortable with what and who you are. Remember too that if you are working on yourself and the methods on how to get a girlfriend, this will be evident on some level to both them and you.
  • And a really obvious one is work on your sense of humor and having fun. If this is a challenge for you grab a few funny movies, start sending a few email jokes back and forth. Just get into that mindset and that will also hold you in good stead in your quest in how to get a girlfriend.

Learning new ways of trying to get a girlfriend are often not that difficult to start introducing into your life. Just be patient. Be kind to yourself in the process. And remember that you are learning and growing as a person as well as a prospective partner for that someone special.

The key point is to learn and acquire new skills and to be open to learning new tips on how to get a girlfriend in your life.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author


Speed Dating Advice For Men

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Speed dating is another fun and effective way for men and women of all ages to get together in a no pressure environment to meet each other. Speed dating questions and advice for men is provided in this article to help demystify what speed dating is, and how you can make it work for you.

So what is speed dating? Its a structured and organized event where singles register to attend a function to meet each other. A fee is usually paid to the organizers of the event and an invitation is then issued to attend the next singles night.

Generally speaking once everyone is gathered and ready to go the event organizer usually rings a bell for each speed dating meeting. Often there are a number of tables set up and these meetings can usually be anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes before the bell is rung and you have to move onto another table.

Often the women get to stay at their table while the men have to move from table to table to meet them. There is no exchange of personal details at these events as the process is determined after the event. That is, if you like someone you give permission to the organizers to share your information with that person/s you were attracted to. If they are also attracted to you or would like to hear from you then a match is made and contact details of both parties are shared.

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The information will only be shared however if both parties want to see each other. So there is a comfort in knowing you can have a good night out and not be pressured.

Speed dating questions and advice for men – The questions:

  • Cost? This varies, however it usually works out economical if you consider what a meal out and drinks would cost for two. Often a meal is provided so you get the added bonus of having a good meal and getting to meet multiple women at the same time.
  • What if I really like someone and they don’t like me? No contact details are shared. However on the night, depending on your level of skill, you may have the opportunity to go out for after event drinks. This can often lead to getting personal details anyway.
  • What do I have to do? Just find a speed dating service provider, register for the next event and turn up!
  • So what do you talk about or do at these events? That is up to you. As a male you can take the lead. You have everything to gain in these situations so go for it.
  • Can I go to more than 1 event? Yes you can. In fact many singles regularly attend these nights. Groups of females usually do these then go out afterwards so its a great opportunity to meet up afterwards a group.
  • Do many people meet partners through these events? Yes they do. I’ve personally been to several of these events.  I think they are a great way to meet women with no pressure or expectation attached.

Speed dating questions and advice for men – The advice:

These nights are fun nights. Make sure you respect the format and the people organizing the event. There will be plenty of time to meet these women so don’t be too eager or pushy. Remember you are not there to get her number – you are there to make a meaningful connection with her so she wants yours! Its important you approach this event with that in mind as it is a different dynamic.

These events are golden opportunities to practice your skills with women. In other words get some good advice and information and work on your game before you go to the event. This can be done by purchasing a good dating book or program and/or joining up to a dating newsletter series such as the one you will find on Your Mandate To Love Website.

The important thing is you make sure you give yourself the best opportunity you can to meet women and do and say the right things. Invest in yourself and ensure you are equipped with the right information and advice.

Speed dating questions and advice for men is very important to cover and to be briefed on before attending these events. Prepare yourself. Take your sense of humor with you – and most of all just relax and experience a really fun night with a lot of other singles looking for a partner just like you are.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

Online Dating Advice For Men

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The internet has become the number 1 choice for many men to meet women. If managed correctly, online dating can provide you with good quality leads and dates with eligible women.
This online dating advice for men article will show you the good, the bad, and the plain ugly of online dating, and show you how you can manage or avoid these issues in your internet dating.

Lets look at the good aspects in our review of online dating advice for men:

  • Its convenient – Access the internet at home or if appropriate, at work.
  • It gives you a list of women you can choose to contact.
  • The women online are there to meet other men so there is no question or misunderstanding that they are single or not. You are all after a partner.

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  • Its cost effective. Often a contact (email) to a woman costs around $10 generally speaking. Thats a lot cheaper than a night out or a dating agency contact.
  • Its a no pressure environment. In other words you communicate when and with who you choose when you want. There is no pressure with talking to that girl at the bar or trying to get her number then and there.
  • Its a great way to build confidence in the safety of your own home. A great way to try some of the dating techniques you may have learned along the way for example.
  • Its a good way to screen potential partners and work out who you want to meet and who you don’t.
  • The sites often have chat forums so its a good place to get social and share some ideas and thoughts and to network.

Lets look at the bad aspects in our review of online dating advice for men:

  • Its often very hard to gauge who a person is through their profile.
  • The limitations of language means that often misunderstandings can take place leading to a failed date.
  • Photos are often not an accurate representation of the person. That is they are either old photos, photos done in a photo shoot, photo shopped or digitally enhanced or they simply just do not look like the woman at all.
  • Profiles are not a person. They are words by that person to represent who they think they are or who they are claiming to be. So they are sometimes  not accurate. It can often mean disappointment when you finally meet.
  • Some women do not bother to return your contacts.
  • Some women are looking to get to know you online – in other words some are really only interested in email communications as it is safe for them. These women do not plan to meet you.
  • Once a date is planned sometimes women will not turn up, or if they do, they will wait to see if you are worth meeting or not. Many guys I know have been stood up.
  • There are bogus profiles. This is where women (or those pretending to be women) contact unsuspecting males with a fake photo and profile and declare they love them in the second email! Many men I know have experienced this approach.

Last and certainly not least, lets look at the plain ugly aspects in our review of online dating advice for men:

  • Some women get very angry or downright vindictive if they are offended in some way by you, or they are not attractive to you. This is where not disclosing too much about yourself before you meet is so very important. I have known of situations where some women have created enormous problems for some men because of this.
  • Expanding on the above point, in an online world where information can go viral and spread very quickly, it is important to get to know someone first. As I have stated before, you merely get to believe someone online. Know the difference. Protect your identity and your personal information.
  • For some men constant rejection can be plain ugly and be a confidence wrecker. Whether it be emails not being returned, dates not turning up, or worse still, no interest or communication at all from women.

Online dating advice for men often paints a rosy picture. And so it should because its a medium that needs to be appreciated and used. Importantly though, things can go wrong with online dating for men, so its helpful to get a bit of a picture on what those things can be and how you can avoid or minimize them.

I hope the above information about online dating advice for men has been of some help to you, and equips you with the awareness to have a much better chance of clearer communications with women.

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

Advice On Books About Dating For Men

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Your Mandate To Love provides you with the information and the resources both here, and through the affiliations through this website, to get access to the very best dating advice there is on the internet. However advice on books about dating for men can be a little daunting for some regarding the quality, the range, and the choice available.

The advantage for you is that all the information you need is readily available. In fact its a click away in most instances. So how do you go about determining what books about dating for men are best for you?

A key theme with Your Mandate To Love is to get clear about who it is you are and what it is you are looking for, or wanting in a woman. For example, its pointless purchasing a book on how to be an elite pick up artist if you are looking for a long and lasting union in a monogamous relationship.

Conversely, if you are simply out to see how many women you can get into bed you are probably not going to buy books about dating for men that tell you how to build a long and lasting marriage.

Of course you will always find information in any dating book of some value. In fact I find that you often have to read any number of books and approaches to get a clear understanding of the dynamics of the dating game and the complexities of the modern woman.

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The inconsistencies I often see is that men forget who it is they actually are and try to be someone they are not in ‘getting the girl’. I strongly recommend you do not do that as you lose sight of who it is you are and your woman sooner or later will find that out anyway.

Your Mandate To Love is focused on helping you get to know you.
That you get clear about who you want and if that is congruent with who you actually are. In other words you need to be VERY clear that you are not barking up the wrong tree and getting carried away with unrealistic expectations.

The best advice on books about dating for men then is to make sure you choose the book or the program that sounds like something you could aspire to or apply in your own life.

I suggest you start with 1 book or program and that you read and study it and apply it. Generally you will find it will help you, however often there are gaps and often 1 book or program alone will not be enough info for you regarding advice on dating for men.

This is where Your Mandate To Love is a good resource for you. I have access to the best sites and the best information. Rather than being focused on one program alone, or one dating guru, I introduce you to multiples of programs, books and authors. Programs I might add that are all highly recommended and are proven.

The great thing for you is that you have access to this and its free. If you choose to purchase any information then you do it knowing you get full exposure to the best books and programs on the internet on advice about dating for men.

If you have not signed up to Your Mandate To Love already, please enter your details in my on page opt in form and get access to my bi weekly newsletter series and my bonus free report.

This will give you a good kick start to the journey in getting good advice on books about dating for men. You will not only start learning about some great dating tips, but importantly it will start you on the all important journey of understanding yourself so much better. Get to know you and you start to make sense of it all – Your Mandate To Love guarantees it!

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author

The Right Ways To Attract Women

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Your Mandate To Love is focused on providing you with information and guidance on the right ways to attract women. There is often a quick fix all approach with some dating advice gurus or guides that suggest if you follow this or that course of action for 15 minutes you will have women falling all over you…in the majority of cases this just doesn’t work. Obviously!

So lets look at some of the right ways to attract women into your life. Some of these techniques can be used immediately and some with practice:

  • Be clear about who you are and what and who you want in life. This sends a strong message to a potential partner that you are a man with a plan – someone she will be comfortable with in knowing you can provide for her and work with her.
  • Develop your code. That is, be ethical and demonstrate your values in your actions with women. Do what you say you will do. Show strength and dependability – this is one of the key right ways to attract women.

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  • Be confident and ‘do’ confident. So what does this mean? It means not just talking the talk but walking the walk as well. Women like strength in a man.  Sure by all means pull out the cocky one liners and the confident bravado – just make sure you follow through with the ‘talk’ and not be put into that category of nice guy but can’t be taken seriously.
  • Be yourself.Now this sounds a little vague perhaps and maybe a little contradictory even as some men are working on themselves to be a better man. What I am suggesting here is that you do not pretend to be the man you are not.
  • Women will pick up soon enough if you are ‘faking’ it. So this is a case of you putting your best foot forward in all situations. If you are confident on who you are and who you are becoming, most women will sense that and be drawn towards you.
  • The right ways to attract women involves listening.Make sure she gets that you are acknowledging her and her opinions. Note I do not say to agree with her opinions. A regular complaint from women about men is they do not listen! So ensure you are tuned into her and her needs and what she is saying.The easiest way to do this is to actively listen by giving her feedback and cues that you heard what she said. For example; “It sounds like you are really interested in…” or “I hear what you are saying in regards to…”
  • Be open and friendly and willing to have some fun. In other words engage with women. Have a bit of a flirt and a joke and don’t be too scared to throw a few curve balls in there as well. Keep them guessing. Keep them intrigued. Keep them interested.
  • Use strong body language. This is so important. And it need not be complicated – because it really isn’t. So the right ways to attract women in this regard would be to maintain eye contact, to stand straight and tall (no woman likes hunched over rounded shouldered body language in a man) and to use the appropriate non verbal cues, like nodding your head and smiling and ensuring she understands you are connecting with her.
  • Personal hygiene is crucial. Now this does not mean you need a makeover or that you need to become a metro man at all. It means that you dress well, you look like you didn’t just get out of bed, and that you bothered to take a shower! Most women love after shave so ensure you get a good one.
  • Know your limitations and work to your strengths.This means you just need to be you. If cocky and funny isn’t you don’t go there. And lets be honest, a lot of men are not that guy anyway. If you are shy, then work with the tools you already have. Sometimes less is more!Use your listening skills and non verbal cues instead. Use eye contact. When you speak make it count. Ask questions and get her talking about herself. This takes the focus away from yourself and gives you time to get comfortable.

Naturally there are many more approaches and ideas about the right ways to attract women into your life. The key point is to not get overwhelmed. There is someone for you. Get clear on who you are and what you want – then work on how you are going to initiate all the right ways to attract women into your life. After all, this is Your Mandate To Love!

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author



Tips To Meet And Attract Asian Women

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There is something very appealing to a lot of western men about the femininity and grace of Asian women. Generally speaking, they are often petite, softly spoken and polite, and have a strong sense of family values and cultural tradition. So if you are interested, these tips to meet and attract Asian women will help you in knowing where to look and how to communicate with them.
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First of all lets dispel some myths and derogatory beliefs about Asian women. Unfortunately Hollywood has often portrayed Asian women as being prostitutes or generally uneducated sex objects. Although this is an unfortunate and unfair perception, thankfully it is changing.

So lets look at some of the places where you can find and get some valuable tips to meet and attract Asian women in a local community setting:

  • Asian restaurants are a great place to meet Asian women. They not only attract local Asian women but often there are Asian women working in the restaurant itself. This is a great opportunity to start up a rapport with them.
  • Asian clubs are a great place to meet and attract Asian women. As mentioned earlier, many Asians have a strong sense of family and tradition and this is reflected in their tight communities. I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed first hand the genuine warmth and hospitality on numerous occasions in regards to our local Filipino community.  As with the restaurants, food plays an important part in bringing people together with Asian peoples.
  • Local Asian grocery stores are another great place to meet Asian women. Its places like these where there are is that many unusual foods that the opportunity to request information about the foods either from an Asian woman working there or a customer is guaranteed to get you communicating.
  • The local library is another good place. Many Asians have an incredible work and study ethic and can often be found studying or researching in the local library.
  • Places of worship or prayer are also good places to meet and attract Asian women. This is particularly the case with more Eastern philosophies like Buddhism or Hinduism for example or Yoga practice or classes.
  • One of the more obscure tips to meet and attract Asian women is to understand what sports many Asians play. Table tennis and badminton are popular sports in many Asian countries so your local clubs may have some Asian memberships.

Lets look now at some other methods and tips to meet and attract Asian women:

  • Many men correspond overseas with Asian women in their own countries. This is often done either by email, video or telephone communications. whilst this does create its own challenges, it has resulted in many couples meeting and marrying.
  • An extension of the above method to meet and attract Asian women is to become ‘involved’ in an Asian community.Because Asian communities are so family and community focused they are in constant contact with their extended or original family in their country of origin.Many women in these countries are open to meeting men in other countries, so the networking and community efforts you put in can mean you are recommended to meet or to contact a family member of friend back in the homeland.
  • You also need to be wary.There are a lot of Asian dating agencies out there that are dubious, or more to the point, they are trying to get as many dollars as they can from Western men before meeting the girl. Often the girl that you see on the screen is a model or has been off their books for years.My advice would be to reconsider these efforts and work on your local community first and see what networking you can do locally. In other words try to meet local Asian women first. The overseas challenges with long distance relationships and visas can be a big strain on a new relationship. Many of these do not succeed.

Of course the above is really just the starting point. If you are serious about how to meet and attract Asian women then you need to do some homework.

There are considerable cultural differences in Asian countries compared to Western countries. And although there are certainly similarities, all Asian cultures are different.

Its very important you strive to understand the culture/s you are interested in. The religious and family expectations for example. This will demonstrate a real respect for the culture and for the woman you are interested in. I would recommend you start learning the language as well once you have found the culture and the woman you want.

Clearly there will be challenges. However knowing some of these relationships at close quarters, I can say they often do work and they often result in a happy partnership.

One more consideration worth noting is the fact that many Asian women complain about their male counterparts in their home countries. In some instances religious and cultural differences between men and women mean women are often denigrated, not treated equally or with the respect they deserve.

As a Western man, this is one of those important tips to meet and attract Asian women you can get. This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself and show that you do respect women and treat them equally.

These tips to meet and attract Asian women are a good starting point for you if you are interested in meeting and attracting Asian women.

Your Mandate To Love is yours for the taking. Asian women often make wonderful faithful partners and will create a loving family environment. And add to that they are wonderful additions to the wider family.How should I know? My tips to meet and attract Asian women are home grown as I have a beautiful Malaysian sister in law!

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author


Law Of Attraction Dating For Men Wanting To Attract A Woman

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For those who are not familiar with what the law of attraction is, it basically works on the premise and the understanding that whatever you believe or whatever you are thinking about in life, whether consciously or otherwise, will manifest or come into your life. Law of attraction dating for men then is a look at how these concepts and principles can work for you and help you in attracting a woman into your life.

It would be easy for some men to discount this method or this practice as some kind of spiritual hocus pocus or mumbo jumbo. It is not that. In fact it is far from it. If anything, its an opportunity to get introspective and to start looking at who you are as a man. In other words you start looking within.

Law of attraction dating for men is a concept and approach that recognizes that whatever we do as men, and whatever we think of as men, sends out a powerful message to the opposite sex. Like attracts like in other words. So what does this mean and how can you apply it to your own life and use it in attracting a woman into your life?

What messages are you sending to women? How do you dress? Are you asking or hoping to meet a woman you have nothing in common with?

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Think very clearly about who you are and what you are asking for and requiring in attracting a woman into your life. The point I am making here is are you reflecting what it is you want in a woman yourself?

I will give you some examples here just in case you are still a little unclear:

You want to attract a woman into your life but are you the man she wants to attract into hers? You might want a beautiful fit woman for example – but are you doing anything in your life that reflects or supports that want? For example are you fit? Are you in shape? Do you live the values that you require or are asking from someone else? Do you frequent the places she will?

Remember we are talking about attraction and like attracts like. Now at this point some might say that it is in fact opposites that attract. This works too of course – but on some level these couples do resonate or vibrate to a frequency that is similar. In other words they are receiving a similar message on some deeper level. That is attraction in action!

This sometimes works. It often doesn’t. The initial opposites attract message is often lost once the hormones settle down and people start to understand that their partner is not exactly on the same page as them. This is a natural phase and its not the intention here to judge that.

Law of attraction dating for men then is about getting clear on who you are and how you can start working towards attracting a woman into your life… starting to work on those areas of yourself that you are requiring from another.

So rather than look at law of attraction dating for men as irrelevant or even useless, see it as another signpost and another technique or principle on your path to attracting a woman into your life. Little by little you will start to acquire information and from that knowledge.

The big leap forward for you not just in dating and attracting a woman into your life, but generally speaking, will be when that knowledge you have acquired gets translated into a working awareness of who you are as a man and what you need to do to get the woman you want.

Law of attraction dating is yet another key approach for men open and willing enough to delve deeper into themselves and to see the connections to the things they have manifested into their lives to this point. The question is; What is your life and the circumstances you find yourself in telling you about yourself right now?

Liam Virinovi, Basic Author