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Your Mandate To Love is much more than just your average mens dating and relationships ‘information’ website. The articles (check out my article,video and audio right here on my number one relationships site recommendation) here, and in fact the key theme throughout the articles I write generally speaking, is one of helping you make the ‘necessary connections’ in your own life. This helps you to go beyond your current limitations and the circumstances holding you back in life from the things AND the relationship you want.

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By doing this you start to become more in tune with who you are, and who you are wanting to become. In a relationship sense, you start to become aware of Your Mandate To Love! This process is about beginning to notice your life and the relationships (see my article on how to be happy single for example) around you and how they are all intrinsically linked and connected. You start living ‘with awareness’ and in turn naturally start taking more responsibility for your life and the conditions and relationships you attract to yourself. I see the value in many approaches and strategies in regards to dating and relationships.And make no mistake, there are many approaches, views and opinions regarding mens dating and relationships. Some are controversial. Some are perhaps not applicable to what you are looking for. Some make very big claims of instant success with women.

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The intention of Your Mandate To Love is to provide you with a wide and diverse range of approaches and information. By being open to this information you can determine what is best for you. I don’t subscribe to ‘the’ way or ‘a’ way in mens dating and relationshipsI see value in multiple approaches and multiple ways of seeing and doing things. This is what makes my website and my information to you valuable, and hopefully something to help you on your own path in life in finding the relationship and the information and awareness that best suits you. This process is all about you and wherever you are at…or not at in your life…in finding and attracting the right woman for you. (see my article, audio and video on jealousy for example, and learn how you can be aware of it, and overcome it) There are so many different approaches and themes in this rich and diverse field we call mens dating and relationships. I have come to learn that we are all on a journey and that journey can only be truly defined and understood by the individual who is taking that journey. And that is of course you and only you! In other words I see the value in the journey or the ‘process’ in life. Too much weight and importance is placed on immediate ‘outcomes’. The journey of self discovery and learning new ways of relating to women and prospective partners takes courage, patience and commitment. This information series will help you to develop the skills and awareness in your life (take a look at my article on how to deal with rejection for example) that will move you closer towards generating the courage and the confidence to find the relationship and the partner you seek to share your life with. I look forward to sharing these things with you and adding value to your life. The best mens dating and relationships information is right here, but don’t just take my word for it – join up and see for yourself.
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